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Episode 113: “Living Centered into Our Relationships Through the Lens of the Enneagram”

Featuring Jackie Brewster

This week on the podcast, Lindsey and Nicole are joined by Jackie Brewster, certified Enneagram coach and author of The Enneagram and Your Marriage: A 7-Week Guide to Better Understanding and Loving Your Spouse. In this conversation, Jackie shares her personal story of how she came to know and learn about herself and others through Enneagram “awareness”. The Enneagram made such an indelible imprint on Jackie’s life and relationships that she knew she had to share her knowledge with others so they might experience lasting change in their lives as well. Jackie unpacks the Enneagram as a transformative tool that sheds light on the motivations behind our everyday behaviors and helps people facilitate empathy and compassion for others in their spheres, allowing them to foster deeper connections inside of meaningful relationships. 

Meet this episode’s expert

Many years ago, Jackie began studying the Enneagram to learn more about herself and her family. This quickly turned into an obsession that she now shares with teams and organizations committed to good communication and conflict resolution, as well as those simply desiring deeper connection with themselves and those they love. As a certified Enneagram coach and experiential specialist, she is a featured speaker at conferences and events where she unpacks the Enneagram as a tool to reveal behavioral patterns and bring clarity and understanding to people’s lives. Her goal is to help people build stronger relational foundations so they might overcome feeling overwhelmed, confused, and lost in both their personal and vocational lives. She believes Enneagram awareness can help people facilitate empathy and compassion for others, fostering deeper connections inside of meaningful relationships. She believes it is this emotional connection that holds the key to breakthrough in people’s lives. Jackie lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband, Stephen, and their four children.

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Healthy Love and Relationships

As humans, we’re all wired for connection, but unfortunately, many of us did not get our most basic emotional needs met in our early development. When we don’t get our emotional needs met, we start to look to other relationships to fulfill those needs. This affects our self-worth and self-esteem, resulting in harmful and hurtful relationship patterns in adulthood. 

We repeat what we don’t repair, so we’ll continue to live out the same scenarios and situations we experienced growing up until we find the space and guidance we need to explore what’s behind these unhealthy patterns. 

This revolutionary six-day experience will help you address the core wounds that drive self-sabotaging behaviors and the need for approval that continues to disrupt your relationships. If you have a historical pattern of dysfunctional relationships or find yourself frequently disappointed by unmet expectations, this group program provides a safe, nurturing environment essential for rebuilding your self-worth.

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SOULBRIETY: Heal Your Trauma, Overcome Addiction, and Reconnect with Your Soul.

In The Enneagram and Your Marriage, certified Enneagram coach Jackie Brewster helps you go beneath the surface to build the foundation of a deeply-connected, long-lasting relationship through a compassionate and empathetic understanding of your partner. 

She digs into topics such as growing with your partner—how the Enneagram helps you understand them and why they do what they do, exploring how unconscious childhood messages fuel conflict and frustration in our relationships, working through conflict and building unity in your relationships, and more. 


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Jackie Brewster
Cover of Soulbriety: A Plan to Heal Your Trauma, Overcome Addiction, and Reconnect with Your Soul, mentioned during the podcast