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150 “What does my nervous system have to do with my relationships?”

with Dr. Keri Johnson

At first glance, the connection between our nervous system and our relationships may seem unclear. However, after this powerful and approachable conversation, you’ll gain a practical understanding of how your nervous system influences your attachment style and childhood conditioning for safety.

Join Mickenzie and Hannah for a fascinating conversation with Dr. Keri Johnson. Dr. Keri brings incredible expertise as a Somatic Trauma Therapist, educator, and yoga practitioner to ground several complex topics and create paths to better understand ourselves and others.

Meet this episode’s experts

Dr. Keri Johnson is the creator of Mindful Therapy with Keri. She is a Somatic Trauma Therapist and Educator who specializes in Holistic Somatic Wellness through Nervous System Regulation and Wholehearted Healing for Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit. 

She is a licensed therapist, Somatic Experiencing provider, EMDR practitioner, counselor educator, yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, meditation guide, and much more.  

She provides individual and group counseling, online courses, and holistic retreats to help empower people to understand their nervous system and transform their trauma in order to create a life of wholehearted healing and wellness.

Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:  

Mentioned in this episode:
6:36 – Who is Dr. Keri Johnson?  

9:02 – Grief, trauma, and healing through somatic work and yoga 19:08 – How Dr. Keri Johnson got into Somatic Trauma Therapy  

27:00 – States of the Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory  

33:41 – How the Nervous System is correlated with our attachment style  

44:16 – How our attachment shifts in different relationships  

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