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142 “How does my childhood impact my relationships today?”

with Ryan Bloch-Snodgrass

Have you ever wondered where relationship patterns come from?

For this first episode of the new season, we chat with Onsite Clinician Ryan Bloch-Snodgrass to set the stage for the conversations to come. Ryan, Lindsey, and Mickenzie explore the connection between our relationship patterns today and our earliest formative relationships. She provides us with an expansive look at our relationships and invites us into deeper connections with ourselves and others.  

Meet this episode’s expert

Ryan Bloch-Snodgrass, LMFT, LPCC, joined the clinical team as Clinical Supervisor on Onsite’s California campus. Ryan has extensive experience in the field of mental health. Most recently, she served four and a half years at Northbound Treatment as Clinical Director and Trauma Program Manager. Her work also led her to spend time at multiple organizations in Africa, supporting trauma survivors in their recovery and aiding community development. In addition, she has done extensive research and given presentations on the impact of meditation on several biological and psychological factors for individuals with HIV. 

Ryan decided to join the Onsite team after experiencing a Living Centered Program. She believes the program format, modalities, and offerings speak to what most aligns with her and the work she loves to do.

Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:  


3:37 – Expanding our understanding of relationships beyond romantic partnerships   

5:12 – All roads lead back to family of origin  

10:19 – How our childhood impacts our current relationships  

15:50 – Navigating how to name the pain of our past  

20:30 – How reparent ourselves as parents  

23:32 – Identifying what we need in relationships  

28:07 – The fundamental differences between Onsite’s Healthy Relationships Program and Living Centered Program  

32:34 – How attachment plays out in various relationships  

40:42 – Finding the right therapeutic resources for your relationships  

43:26 – How TikTok informs our understanding of mental health concepts like gaslighting, codependency and boundaries  t

Onsite Experiences mentioned in this episode:

Onsite’s Living Centered Program
There’s always room for more — depth, contentment, healing, love, purpose.
Whether you’re feeling stuck or broken, overwhelmed or ready to dig deeper, we can guide you to the more you’re seeking.

Onsite’s Healthy Love and Relationships Program

Break up with destructive patterns and learn how to give (and accept) the meaningful affection we all deserve. We’ll tackle the tough stuff, support your healing, and set you on the path to authentic connections that will light your path forward.

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