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146 “What can we learn from one woman’s history of toxic relationships?”

with Stephanie Quayle

What happens when the person you’re spending your life with turns out not to be who you thought they were?  

Stephanie Quayle knows because she lived it. She joins the show to share her story of a toxic relationship that left her questioning everything she knew about the world, her partner, and herself.  

Stephanie Quayle is a musician, entrepreneur, and author of the new book, “Why We Stay.” Sitting down for a raw and authentic conversation, Stephanie shares how she partnered with the leading expert on Narcissism, Dr. W. Keith Campbell, to write her journey of healing in hopes of helping others regain agency and rediscovery the capacity to trust themselves. This conversation is vulnerable, powerful, and a must listen no matter your current relationship status.  

Meet this episode’s expert

Stephanie Quayle is a Nashville recording artist who tours the world with her music and an entrepreneur with her own record label, Big Sky Music Group. Rolling Stone Country called her “an artist you need to know,” CMT named her as part of its “Next Women of Country” franchise, and she’s appeared on popular programs like The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As an independent artist with two Billboard charted singles, “Selfish” and “Whatcha Drinkin ’Bout,” she has repeatedly performed at CMA Fest and the Grand Ole Opry. 

The Montana native has teamed up with recognizable brands like Wrangler, Harley-Davidson, Bass Pro Shops, Montana Silversmiths, as well as Lucchese Bootmaker in the creation of her exclusive boot line. Quayle’s latest album On the Edge chronicles her personal experience in a toxic relationship and the healing she’s gone through since—inspiring others and redefining her future. Stephanie is the author of the new book, Why Do We Stay? How My Toxic Relationship Can Help You Find Healing.


Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:   

1:52 – A call to take care of yourself and a content warning for this episode  

5:02 – Why Stephanie is taking care of herself with the release of her new book  

8:00 – How Stephanie’s life unraveled 15 years ago  

13:37 – Dr. Keith Campbell’s work on narcissism and contribution to “Why We Stay”  

17:09 – How narcissism played a role in Stephanie’s toxic relationship 

26:29 – How Stephanie revisited the hard parts of her story  

31:35 – Red flags in relationships  

34:30 – How Stephanie learned to trust herself again  

40:38 – Stephanie’s encouragement for others in unhealthy relationships  

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