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151 “Why does my relationship with my mother impact me so much?”

with Kelly McDaniel

The relationships between a mother and her daughter can carry a bit of a stigma or troupe for being complicated and messy.

This week, Mickenzie and Lindsey connect with Kelly McDaniel, a licensed professional counselor, author, mother, and women’s advocate, to discuss the topic she has become most known for: Mother Hunger. Together, the three explore how our relationships with our mothers—men and women—can set the stage for every other relationship in our lives and how healing our attachment is a pivotal step in healing our relationships with our mothers.

Meet this episode’s experts

Kelly McDaniel is a licensed professional counselor, author, mother, and women’s advocate. In her first book READY TO HEAL, she named an attachment injury as “Mother Hunger” and started a movement. Women resonated with the concept and wanted treatment. Since then, Kelly has devoted herself to nurturing insecure attachment and maternal deprivation in adult women. In her second book, MOTHER HUNGER: HOW ADULT DAUGHTERS CAN HEAL FROM LOST NURTURANCE, PROTECTION, AND GUIDANCE, Kelly speaks to the millions of women who suffer from a lifelong emotional burden that adversely affects self-worth, eating patterns, and relational wellness. 

Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:  

In this episode: 
3:57 – What is “Mother Hunger?”  

8:17 – Mother-daughter relationships, cultural beliefs, and power dynamics in patriarchy  

14:50 – How implicit memory impacts our relationships  

20:09 – How Kelly uses Somatic Therapy to heal “Mother Hunger”  

25:21 – Attachment styles, love languages, and their impact on relationships  

30:43 – Grief healing and adoption  

35:03 – What we need from our mothers  

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