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Healthy Love & Relationships Workshop

Find peace in relationships

Authentic connection

Genuine connection, shared vulnerabilities, and unconditional acceptance. It is possible. We create a powerful space for self-affirmation, boundary setting, and introspection.

Nurturing hospitality

Our compassionate care and genuine support provide a foundation for guests to explore their inner selves, heal emotional wounds, and cultivate self-acceptance.

Stop the cycle

We repeat what we don’t repair. Our team of experts will provide you the guidance you need to explore what’s behind unhealthy patterns and destructive behavior.

Love yourself

Through the exploration of self-love and self-worth, this program cultivates a kinder and more compassionate relationship with yourself. Become empowered to embrace your worth.

Alum Story

“I was able to really dig deep into what was really going on and find the source of a lot of the struggle I’ve been trying to rush through.”

– Ashley

Healthy Love & Relationships Workshop

What we’ll workshop

Healthy Love & Relationships addresses core wounds that drive self-sabotaging behaviors that disrupt relationships.

We will explore:

  • Self-worth
  • Attachment wounds and styles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intimacy
  • Boundaries

Upcoming Workshops

Book now and discover emotional health in relationships.

Each day will include:

  • Meditations
  • Psychoeducational lectures
  • 6 hrs of experiential group therapy with a small cohort
  • Guided community activities designed to help you heal

Workshop experience includes:

  • Boutique accommodations at an Onsite Campus
  • Nourishing meals curated to meet your dietary needs
  • Thoughtfully designed space to foster rest and connection
  • Expansive outdoor space and hiking trails for exploration and nature-guided healing

Cost: $6,900

August 1-7, 2024 California

October 24-30, 2024 Tennessee

Designed for connection

We focus on the details, so you can focus on growth.

Frequently Asked

Common questions about our Healthy Love & Relationships Workshop.

How do I know if this workshop is right for me?

When you’re ready to take the next step, our trusted admissions team will help guide you to the right program to meet your specific goals and needs. To learn more about which program might be right for you, check out this article.

What modalities are used?

We combine various techniques to address your needs with support and a dash of empowered adventure. The three primary modalities utilized by Onsite are Experiential Therapy, Group Therapy, and Psychodrama. Learn more about more Onsite modalities here.

Who guides this workshop?

Our programs are guided by a team of carefully selected and trained therapists from across the country. Our world-renowned clinical team includes some of the top trauma-informed experts in the world. You can learn more about our team here.

How do I register?

When you’re ready to take the next step, you can begin the registration process by calling our admissions team at (800) 341-7432 or by filling out this form.

What is included in my registration?

In addition to the therapeutic work, your program includes boutique accommodations, meals curated to meet your dietary needs, thoughtfully designed facilities, expansive outdoor space, and hiking trails for exploration and nature-guided healing.

Do you take insurance?

At this time, we are not able to bill insurance. Additionally, insurance companies are unlikely to reimburse clients because our programs do not occur in a hospital setting, and we do not generate a diagnosis for clients during programs.

emotional health professionals

The power of partnership

As you support your clients, we are here to support you in taking their journey to the next level.

If you know someone who could benefit from our unique setting and transformative experiences, we warmly welcome your referral.