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145 “Who are we outside of our relationships?”

with Bentley Caldwell

Have you ever wondered where relationship patterns come from?

Do you define yourself by your relationships? The roles we carry as children, partners, friends, and co-workers carry significant weight in how we show up in the world, but we can overly identify with these roles at the expense of our health and wellness. 

Today, Hannah and Mickenzie are joined by Onsite Alum Bentley Caldwell. When Bentley noticed that his past was impacting how he showed up in his most important relationships, Bentley attended Onsite’s Treating Trauma Program. Throughout this conversation, he shares his story of transformation and a powerful story of meeting his birth father and renegotiating and reclaiming his title as a son.

Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:  


3:05 – Who is Bentley Caldwell? 

5:59 – Why Bentley attended Onsite’s Healing Trauma Program

9:45 – How Bentley’s past trauma was impacting his relationships 

16:38 – The relationships formed through Onsite’s Healing Trauma Program 

19:42 – Healing relational trauma through inner-child work 

25:56 – SElf-love, growth, and setting boundaries 

29:48 – Finding peace through learning to trust self 

38:07 – How Bentley reunited with his father and addressed abandonment wounds 

44:45 – Healing relationships through empathy and curiosity

Onsite Experiences mentioned in this episode:

Healing Trauma Program
Tired of dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or isolation? Our world-renowned workshop is designed to address the disruptions that can follow trauma and provide you with the tools necessary to reset and recover. 

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