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149 “How can individual therapy make my partnership better?”

with Laura and Shane Quick

One of the best things you can bring to any relationship is a whole and healthy you. At Onsite, we have discovered that when one person begins doing “their work,” it often inspires and gives permission to the people around them to do the same, especially in our partnerships.    

Onsite Alum Laura and Shane Quick are living proof that doing your own emotional and mental health work is one of the most important things you and your partner can bring to your partnership. In today’s episode, they joined Mickenzie and Lindsey for our live podcast event to share their individual and collective mental health journeys. Together, they explore how this has impacted their partnership and every other relationship and role they have in life as parents, friends, business owners, and beyond.   

Meet this episode’s experts

Laura Quick

Laura Quick is a storyteller, lover of people and believer in the impossible. She and her husband Shane, have 2 boys, Clay and Ethan, and two bernedoodles- LinnieMae and Bear.

Before she stepped into the lead role of CEO and head storyteller at Good Grit Agency – a storytelling, content-producing creative agency founded in 2019, she was an international sales and marketing manager for a large corporation.

She launched Good Grit Magazine 2014, which is still in print today as a quarterly publication, telling “Damn Good Stories” that capture the resilience of the human spirit. Laura founded her second company —Hatch Strategies—in 2020, combining her storytelling skills coupled with a talent for no-nonsense ROI-driven marketing and customer journeys to help businesses seeking innovation, strategy, and revenue growth.

In August of 2023, she realized a longstanding dream when she launched a hilarious, authentic mental health podcast called “Before You Cut Bangs.” Her cohost, Claire Fierman is a longtime friend and is a therapist and has been in the mental health industry for 15 years. Between Laura and Claire’s hilarious stories and incredibly easy to digest prescriptive content, Before You Cut Bangs finished 2023 in the top 10% of podcasts in US!

Shane Quick

He wears many hats– He’s an artist manager, a promoter, a creative, a disrupter, and a visionary. He’s from the small town of Cullman, Alabama, but his talent has reached the other side of the world. He created international touring models that changed the reach of Christian music and family entertainment. He put together one of the nations largest country music festivals, Rock the South in his own backyard. He built the largest Christian team in the industry at Premier Productions, and with his leadership it became a top 10 touring company in the world. He started small, but after almost 20 years in the industry he’s now pulling off 600+ shows around the world each year. 

With all of this, his greatest accomplishment is being a husband to his wife Laura, and father to his sons Ethan and Clay. He puts his heart and soul into his community and his work– but he’s not finished yet. 

Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:  

5:20 – Who are Laura and Shane Quick?  

7:32 – How the Quicks heard about Onsite 

11:21 – Shane Quick’s Living Centered Workshop experience  

16:14 – How the Quicks stay connected in the busyness of life  

19:08 – Laura Quick’s Living Centered Workshop experience 

22:33 – How Shane used work to cope with his traumatic childhood  

28:41 – Laura and Shane Quick’s Couple Intensive experience  

34:05 – Why Laura and Shane are passionate advocates for mental health in your partnership  

35:21 – How boundaries play out in a partnership  

38:58 – Why Shane and Laura do individual therapy  

43:00 – How individual and couple’s therapy has impacted the Quicks other relationships  

55:43 – A practice that keeps them centered in their partnership  

Onsite Experiences mentioned in this episode:

Onsite’s Living Centered Program
There’s always room for more — depth, contentment, healing, love, purpose.

Whether you’re feeling stuck or broken, overwhelmed or ready to dig deeper, we can guide you to the more you’re seeking.

Couple Intensive
You’re stronger together. Through expert guidance and personalized therapeutic support, couples can navigate challenges, heal past wounds, and build a stronger foundation for a fulfilling and harmonious partnership.

The Experience

The Experience” is an opportunity designed exclusively for Onsite workshop alum to return to campus and discover your next layer of healing.  

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