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143 “How do I become the hero of my story?”

with Ally Fallon

Have you ever felt like the sidekick in your own story? Wonder what it would take to regain the agency you desire in the narrative of your life? 

Today, we’re joined by Ally Fallon. Ally is an award-winning author, book coach, ghostwriter, and Onsite alum. Chatting with Mickenzie and Lindsey, Ally shares the process she developed to help people transform their relationship with themselves by rewriting their lives and becoming the heroes of their own stories. 

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Meet this episode’s expert

Allison Fallon is an award-winning author and ghostwriter and an expert book coach who has helped thousands of authors and aspiring authors write and publish their books. When her life took a dramatic turn many years ago, she discovered the power of committing her story to paper. Now she assists others to do the same through her online courses, personalized coaching, and in-person workshops. She has worked with Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework for several years in multiple capacities, and she is the host of the Write Your Story podcast. Allison lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and two children. 

Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:  


In this episode:
4:43 – How Ally surrenders to the realities of her current season 

11:13 – Writing as a vehicle for personal reflection 

17:00 – Tools to access our unconscious brain 

18:31 – Writing for personal reflection vs. public consumption 

24:24 – Making meaning of our lives through story 

29:26 – Why we don’t like being the hero of the story 

36:14 – Writing the story of your life 

47:04 – Ally’s emotional health practices that keep her centered 

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