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Relationships | 144

144 "How can we build bridges in our relationships?" with Latasha Morrison

Latasha joined Lindsey and Mickenzie for an honest conversation about the power of building bridges in our relationships, doing our own work, and confronting systems that oppress and marginalize BIPOC communities.

Relationships | 143

143 "How do I become the hero of my story?" with Ally Fallon

Ally Fallon, an award-winning author and Onsite alum shares the process she developed to help people transform their relationship with themselves by rewriting their lives and becoming the heroes of their own stories.

Relationships |

“Living Centered in Our Relationships” - Season Preview

Join our co-hosts for a sneak peek into the newest season of the Living Centered Podcast

Miles Adcox
Emotional Health | 141

141 "What does it mean to live centered?" with Miles Adcox

Onsite Chairman and Proprietor, Miles Adcox shares his passion behind helping people optimize and build meaning back into the human experience.

Self-Care | 140

140 - “How do I navigate a transition I didn’t ask for?” with Brandi Wilson  

Author and Certified Personal and Executive Coach Brandi Wilson shares her personal and expert advice about navigating transition, starting again, and how to come out better than okay on the other side of a change you didn’t ask for or ever dream of.

Self-Care | 139

139 "Why am I so tired?" with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Perhaps it's not that you're not getting rest, but more that you're not getting the right kind of rest. Dr. Saundra introduces seven types of rest and how addressing our individual rest deficits can lead to unlocking our greatest potential, better mental health, overcoming burnout, and more. 

Emotional Health | 133

133 "How can hospitality heal?" with Shauna Niequist

New York Times best-selling author, and Onsite alum, Shauna Neiquist joins for a practical and inspiring conversation about the healing power of hospitality.

Relationships | 132

"How do I support and love my partner through difficult seasons?" with Chrissy and Sam Powers

Onsite alums Chrissy and Sam Powers share their individual and collective healing journeys.

Emotional Health |

“Living Centered and Optimizing Our Lives” – Season Preview

Join our co-hosts for a sneak peek into the newest season of the Living Centered Podcast

Emotional Health | Podcast

Episode 121: “Living Centered and Reclaiming Agency” featuring Veronica Scruggs, M.Ed, LPC

You're not a victim of your circumstances.

Emotional Health | Podcast

Episode 119: “Living Centered in the Story of Your Life” featuring Chanel Dokun

Discover the journey from stress and disappointment to joy and contentment.

Emotional Health | Podcast

Episode 116: “Living Centered and the Embodiment of Spirit” featuring Nicole Meline

Emotional Health | Podcast

Episode 114: “Living Centered and the Art of Losing Control” featuring Katherine Morgan Schafler, LMHC

Emotional Health | Podcast

Episode 113: “Living Centered into Our Relationships Through the Lens of the Enneagram” featuring Jackie Brewster

Emotional Health | Podcast

Episode 110: “Living Centered and Embracing Change” featuring Angela Popplewell

Emotional Health | Podcast

Episode 106: “Living Centered and Pursuing Presence” featuring Keith Hays