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132 “How do I support and love my partner through difficult seasons?”

with Chrissy and Sam Powers

From fixing to shame spirals and resentment, in partnership, if one person struggles, the entire relationship dynamic is impacted. Today Onsite alums Chrissy and Sam Powers sit down with Lindsey and Mickenzie to share their individual and collective healing journeys. Together they share how they’ve navigated difficult seasons in their marriage, the boundaries they set as they created space for one another to heal, and the impact of growing and changing together.  

Meet this episode’s experts

Chrissy Powers is a licensed marriage and family therapist, embodiment coach, mom, wife, and writer. She lives and works in San Diego, CA, but also works with people from all over the globe online. Through her personal healing journey, she found a passion for working with others to help them heal from trauma, find their most authentic self, and teach them how to live in their bodies. 

Sam Powers is a husband to a dynamic woman, a father to 3 exciting kids, and a curious learner of all things. He is a Mike Foster-trained personal coach, a skilled craftsman of custom homes, an ocean fanatic, and an alum of the Living Centered Program.

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Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:  

In this episode:  

3:32 – How Sam and Chrissy define living “connected” to one another and themselves 7:53 – The impact of unhealthy Coping mechanism in a partnership  

10:00 – When helping becomes enabling and setting boundaries in your relationship 

13:30 – Sam’s decision to attend Onsite  

19:36 – Sam’s transition home from Onsite 

26:00 – Loving every version of your partner 

29:31 – How their mental and emotional health journey has impacted Sam and Chrissy’s parenting 

36:52 – Chrissy’s journey with embodiment work 

47:50 – Resources that have played a role in their journey  

49:45 – How their Onsite journey’s transformed their relationship and family  

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