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140 – “How do I navigate a transition I didn’t ask for?”  

with Brandi Wilson

As the saying goes, the only constant is change. Everywhere we look, transition is a fundamental and present part of our lives. According to author Bruce Feller, the average person goes through at least one transition every 12-18 months. If we’re not currently walking through a season of change, we’ve either just navigated one or are about to.  

Today, author and Certified Personal and Executive Coach Brandi Wilson joins Mickenzie and Lindsey to chat all about navigating transition, starting again, and how to come out better than okay on the other side of a change you didn’t ask for or ever dream of. As Brandi shares in this interview, the life and family she spent 20 years building stopped on a dime, and through a difficult and heartbreaking process, Brandi picked up the pieces to recreate her life and now helps others find hope and healing on the other side of endings.  

Meet this episode’s expert

Brandi is an author, coach, and speaker who has been in leadership for more than a decade at Leading and Loving It, a nonprofit created to empower women to love life and ministry. She has helped plant two churches, and she’s passionate about walking alongside single moms and divorced women as they navigate parenting and life. She lives with her three sons in Nashville, Tennessee.

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In this episode:  

4:48 – How Brandi’s life fell apart overnight  

14:18 – The importance of trusting your intuition in the midst of difficulty  

18:23 – The messy middle of transition  

21:48 – How to be better than okay in transition  

27:23 – How to support loved ones through change and difficult circumstances  

34:23 – Parenting after divorce and redefining family after trauma  

41:15 – How Brandi knew it was time to do Onsite’s Living Centered Program 

43:26 – Brandi’s practice for living centered  

Better Than Okay

Some seasons of life can seem far more difficult than one human should have to endure. For Brandi Wilson, that was the year her husband–and a megachurch pastor–walked away from her and her family. Suddenly, her church community dissolved, and her dreams and identity were shattered.

Brandi beautifully tells her courageous story of confronting grief and heartache head-on and learning how to rise from the pain. Filled with aha moments and laugh-out-loud humor, this book reminds you that your story is always evolving and that you can move forward with hope after divorce.

Brandi helps you:

· rely on and find comfort in the promises of God
· begin a new journey toward healing
· find freedom in your new identity

While your life looks drastically different now, there is hope for renewed joy and redemption. Your pain doesn’t get the final say. Through God’s grace and healing power, you will be better than okay.

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Onsite’s Living Centered Program
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Whether you’re feeling stuck or broken, overwhelmed or ready to dig deeper, we can guide you to the more you’re seeking.

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