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Episode 116 “Living Centered and the Embodiment of Spirit”

Featuring Nicole Meline

Today on Living Centered, Hannah and Nicole sit down with the wise, radiant, and heart forward Nicole Meline. A former writing professor at Columbia and Rutgers and one of the founding master instructors at Peloton, Nicole now leads people on spiritual journeys of embodiment as a wellness coach and mentor. If you are curious about embodiment work, this conversation explores the many places where body, mind, and spirit intersect. Nicole invites us to ask big, juicy questions of ourselves, of our bodies, of our hearts, of life, of Spirit…she even leads us into some embodiment work and invites us into a beautiful meditation. So if you want to center yourself a little bit—to become a little more grounded and integrated today, we’d love for you to join us for this expansive and delightful conversation.

Meet this episode’s expert

Nicole Meline mentors leaders in body and spirit to amplify their creative genius and lead with heartward vision. She weaves movement, breath, music, poetry, and the unexpected into practices that expand the heart. Her ALTER movement and meditation practices are sanctuaries of sweat and revelatory stillness to recover joyful creativity. She’s the author of the Envision Planner and Integrate Journal, celebrated workbooks for refining purpose and plans, and her digital courses are potent frameworks for transformation. Nicole is also the host of the beloved ALTER Podcast and ALTER Journeys soulful adventure retreats. An ironman triathlete and eternal student, Nicole celebrates the art of balancing hustle and flow. After a decade in New York City as a writer, yogi, and Peloton founding master instructor, she makes a home in the high desert of New Mexico with her wolf mutt Everest. 

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