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Episode 091: “Living Centered Through Courageous Conversations”

Featuring Dr. Corey Yeager

On this week’s episode, Mickenzie sits down with Psychotherapist Dr. Corey Yeager alongside special co-host Debbie Carroll, Onsite’s VP of Entertainment and Specialized Services. The three had an insightful conversation about leaning into curiosity and the importance of being someone who intentionally seeks courageous conversations with ourselves and others. 

Meet this episode’s expert

Best known for his appearance on Harry and Oprah’s The Me You Can’t See on Apple TV+, Dr. Corey Yeager merges his two passions – athletics and therapy – as a psychotherapist for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons. Dr. Yeager’s research and practice focuses on unpacking racialized systems and structures in mental health. In his work to advance meaningful dialogue about race and racism, Dr. Yeager has facilitated “courageous conversations” across the country with public and private organizations including The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), The Smithsonian Institute, The Gersh Agency, and Lola Red.

His book How Am I Doing?: 40 Conversations to Have With Yourself is on sale October 17. 

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Mentioned in this episode

How Am I Doing?

Dr. Corey Yeager

Life is hard. But it gets a whole lot easier when you start to talk it out. In How Am I Doing?, you’re invited into a series of conversations with yourself to discover your purpose, honor your story, and explore who you want to be.

Dr. Corey Yeager offers you 40 questions to help you raise awareness of your thoughts and emotions and reconnect with who you want to be.

Each of the 40 questions is paired with a short, thoughtful reflection from Dr. Yeager, along with prompts and self-care strategies to help you look at yourself in the mirror and come into alignment with who you want to be.


Introducing Onsite’s New Entertainment Division

It’s no secret that life in the public-eye creates high levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout.  

Studies actually show that those in the creative industry are 3x more likely to face mental health challenges than the general population.  

For years, Onsite has been a trusted resource for artists and those in the entertainment industry. We have long supported the emotional health needs of public-facing professionals with our workshops, intensives, and residential trauma program.  


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Dr. Corey Yeager
How Am I Doing? by Dr. Corey Yeager