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Episode 088: “Living Centered and Reframing Shame”

Featuring the Onsite team

On this week’s episode Mickenzie, Hannah, and Lindsey are joined by Onsite Director of Product Development, Candi Shelton, to dig deep into the all too familiar yet often elusive feeling of shame. Together they discuss the common narratives associated with shame, share what they’ve learned about shame in their own story, and explore a path forward into self-compassion and freedom.  They also share recordings from other Onsite team members who shared their experiences with shame.

Mentioned in this episode

Shame does not have to have the final word in your life, but it doesn’t have to be ignored, either.  

When we get courageous enough to look at what has kept us stuck in familiar shame spirals, we can unlock self-compassion, stop striving to earn acceptance, and truly begin to live as our authentic selves.  

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