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Episode 056: “Living Centered and Fully Alive”

Featuring Mallory Ervin

Have you ever felt like your life is running you, instead of the other way around? Do you want to live more fully alive, but feel stuck just getting by? 

Today’s guest, author, Youtuber, and podcaster Mallory Ervin is on a mission to invite people into a different way of living, one that embraces everything life has to offer: pain, struggle, joy, celebration, and everything in-between. Sharing her own story of addiction, heartache, and struggle, Mallory is confident that showing up for ourselves is a choice we can all make even in the hardest parts of our story. We hope this conversation inspires you to find and celebrate the resiliency in your story and encourages you to live fully right where you are today!Get Mallory’s new book: Living Fully today!

Meet this episode’s expert

Mallory Ervin is a Kentucky-grown, Nashville-living dreamer who had a roundabout way of arriving at today. From her time in the Miss America pageant to being a three-time contestant on The Amazing Race, Mallory turned her passion for sharing her love of fashion, beauty, and life into a platform for impact. Today she runs a global lifestyle brand she founded in 2016, hosts the Living Fully podcast where she encourages and inspires her dedicated following to seek joy and live fully, and appears across platforms ranging from Instagram to YouTube sharing her life and message of living fully.

Mentioned in this episode

In Living Fully, Mallory shares her personal story of overcoming the unhealthy and damaging patterns in her life and shows readers how to trade this for something completely new and more rewarding. What she discovered was there had always been a different life available to her, one that she had not yet seen. Now she encourages readers to resist a “just fine” existence and to step into a life they never dared to imagine before.
“I wrote this to be your wake-up call, the thing that turns the lights on in your life and propels you to make real change, once and for all,” Mallory says. “I want you to wake up and stay awake.”Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.


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