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Episode 031: “Living Centered and Understanding Our Narratives”

Featuring Dr. Neil Bomar

According to Psychiatrist and Milestones at Onsite Medical Director Dr. Neil Bomar, our deepest victories are actually a mirror to discover our greatest wounds.   Today on the Living Centered Podcast, Dr. Bomar shares his personal and professional perspective on understanding, embracing, and overcoming the narratives that keep us from living centered and whole. In this conversation with Lindsey and Mickenzie, Dr. Bomar also touches on various other topics, including parenting, holistic healing, getting creative and curious, and his love for psychiatry. Don’t miss out on this practical and engaging episode!

Meet this episode’s expert

Dr. Neil Bomar comes to Onsite with a varied medical and psychiatric background. He is an honors graduate of Vanderbilt University and completed his medical degree at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in Memphis. An early career in primary and urgent care medicine led him to Kentucky where he attended the University of Kentucky to pursue a residency in occupational and preventive medicine. He practiced occupational and corporate medicine for Toyota in Georgetown, Kentucky, before returning to Memphis to complete a residency in psychiatry. From 2004 to 2011, he built a busy private psychiatry practice while serving as a consultant for Methodist and Baptist Hospitals. 

Dr. Bomar has spoken on the regional and national level at symposia for topics such as opioid addiction and the interface between psychiatry and primary care. He has consulted for companies providing services to geriatric clients as well as clients with intellectual and developmental disorders. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Bomar has served as medical director to substance abuse treatment centers at the intensive outpatient and residential levels.  He has also served as a regional speaker for Pamlabs, Forrest Pharmaceuticals, and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. 

His breadth of experience in psychiatry and primary care led to a focus in the areas of trauma and addiction. He has been the medical director for the last five years at a nonprofit organization, providing comprehensive treatment to adolescents with addictions and trauma-related disorders. It is this experience that inspired him to pursue Onsite’s opportunity at Milestones to further his work in the field of trauma and codependency.

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Milestones provides extended inpatient care and residential treatment for individuals with primary trauma. The program is customizable based on individual needs and offers a variable 30–90 day length of stay. Milestones will offer multiple progressive clinical modalities based on specific needs, as well as warm hospitality and excellent customer service. Programming is structured yet flexible in order to accommodate the unique strengths, abilities, needs, and goals of each client.


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