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Episode 129 “Living Centered Into the Next Season”

a Conversation with Mickenzie and Hannah

Do you feel like the year is FLYING by? It’s already July, and we want to create a moment to reflect on the first six months of the year and how they can inform how we live out the rest of 2023. In this episode, Mickenzie and Hannah walk through a practical exercise to help you set intentions for the second half of the year.

We’ve also got some exclusive and exciting updates about the podcast and an invitation to share your voice and shape the next season! 

While We’re Away…

Share your voice and tell us what you want to see in future seasons!  


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What to Do When Your Life Needs a Jumpstart – Three Steps to Get Unstuck  

Feeling stuck? In a funk? Like life isn’t just working anymore? At one point or another, it happens to us all. We lose traction, lose direction, or even lose our sense of self.  

Sometimes we can’t trace down the reason why, or even put words to it—we just know that something needs to change (and preferably right now!) 

The good news is, it’s possible. We can break free of our funk and live a more optimized and purposeful life. It’s what we’ve helped tens of thousands of people do at Onsite.   

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How to Skip the BS and Find a BFF – Three Steps to Making Friends as an Adult  

Let’s be honest—making friends as an adult can be really hard, not to mention a little awkward.  

Many of us have lots of “friends,” but we still feel pretty lonely. If you’ve found yourself wondering if close friendships exist in adulthood, you’re not alone.  

We all want deep, meaningful friendships—ones where we feel seen, known, and valued. But how? 

This FREE interactive online class will equip you with a roadmap to build (and sustain) the friendships you desire. 

How to Hack Your Emotional Health (And Why You Can’t Afford Not To)  

Are you ready to take your emotional health to the next level?

One of the greatest ways to hack our emotional health and optimize every area of our lives is to incorporate the power of habits. Our habits, whether conscious or subconscious, are the way we embody the type of person we want to become. So ask yourself, are your habits reflecting the life you truly want to live?

This FREE interactive online class will equip you with a roadmap to build and maintain healthy habits and hack your emotional health!

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