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Episode 115: “Living Centered and Conscious, Connected, Creative Leadership”

Featuring Didier Sylvain

At Onsite, we believe that in order to support their people, leaders need to practice presence, inspire creativity, and encourage trust. Empowering and instilling a sense of belonging in our teams is crucial for collective emotional health and for making meaningful contributions. This week on the podcast, Janet and Nicole dig into these ideas with LA-based life alignment coach, leadership trainer, and creative healing practitioner, Didier Sylvain. His life’s purpose is to create and hold transformative learning space for people to acknowledge, claim, and step into their power so they might bring their best gifts to the world. Didier uniquely embodies the power of presence and there is much to be gleaned from his—you do not want to miss this conversation.

Meet this episode’s expert

Didier Sylvain is a life alignment coach, transformational speaker and the Founder and CEO of The Presence Project. As a musician and ex-Deloitte consultant turned leadership trainer, he is intimately familiar with the tools, mindset and methods needed by entrepreneurs and creators to elevate their impact. In addition to delivering custom programs for companies and teams to deliver powerfully on their missions, Didier also guides Coherence, a program and community for progressive creatives to align their lives and abundantly steward their dopeness without burning out or selling out.

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Mentioned in this episode

Emotionally Smart Leadership

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When you become an emotionally smart leader, you’ll: 

  • Have a process for navigating the intense emotions that come with a position of leadership 
  • Connect more authentically with yourself so you can do the same with your team members 
  • Foster healthy company culture that encourages contribution and collaboration 
  • Finally see the results you crave in your leadership and in your business 

Our consulting team and clinical staff will come to you and facilitate a 4-day Emotionally Smart Leadership experience in your workplace with you and your team. If you’d like to know more, we’d love to connect you to our VP of Business Consulting Services, Janet McDonald. 


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