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Episode 111: “Living Centered and the Creative Path to Healing Our Family Systems”

Featuring Nita Andrews

This week, Lindsey and Nicole sit down with artist and grief and trauma therapist, Nita Andrews. Nita has such a unique and beautiful way of helping clients tend to the wounds of their past to bring about their healing in the here and now. She approaches the world with equal parts curiosity and creativity and she humbly welcomes us into her process; whatever the medium, whatever the material, she is not afraid to use it to forge a path ahead. We are so grateful to Nita for sharing her own story of heartbreak and the ways she found healing and freedom through poetry, art, and music. 

Meet this episode’s expert

Nashville native Nita Andrews is a highly experienced grief and trauma therapist, the Director of Creative Lectio, and an accomplished artist. She is also the co-founder of Heart Wise, an organization dedicated to helping individuals heal from the pain of loss and trauma. Nita incorporates her own art-making into her therapy practice, using creativity as a tool for self-expression and healing. With almost 40 years of practice in the field, Nita has helped countless individuals navigate their way through the difficulties of grief and trauma. She is a compassionate and insightful therapist who brings a unique perspective to her work, incorporating creative techniques to help her clients heal and grow. Through Heart Wise, Nita provides resources, support groups, and workshops to help those in need. Nita is a leader in her field, and her innovative approach to therapy has earned her recognition as a respected professional and director. She has been married to Al Andrews, Director of Porter’s Call, for over 33 years, and together they have created a place of hospitality in Nashville—a refuge for those needing to experience medical or emotional healing. They have two adult sons Hunter and Brent who are also cultivating their own creative lives of healing. Nita has served at the Life After Loss intensives at Onsite and works as an art therapist at Milestones, Onsite’s residential trauma program.

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Mentioned in this episode


Milestones is a one-of-a-kind holistic and specialized residential trauma treatment experience. Serving individuals adversely affected by symptoms of unaddressed trauma, including anxiety, depression, codependency, and PTSD, this innovative and integrative program offers a variable-length of stay from 30 to 90 days specific to individual needs.  

Milestones offers multiple progressive clinical modalities based on specific needs—as well as warm hospitality and excellent customer service. Programming is structured yet flexible in order to accommodate the unique strengths, abilities, needs, and goals of each client. 


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