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Episode 097: “Living Centered and Doing Your Own Work”

Featuring Amelia Baldwin

Today Mickenzie and Lindsey get to sit down with Onsite team member Amelia Baldwin. After working in almost every department at Onsite over the last 13 years, Amelia is passionate about the Onsite experience and now helps individuals and their professional support identify the next right step in their healing journey as the Business Development Director. Join us for a beautiful conversation about the power of personal growth, leaning in, and the exponential effects Amelia has seen in every area of her life as a result of working at Onsite and doing her own “work” along the way!  

And if you’re looking for the next right step on your healing journey, our Admissions and Business Development team would love to connect with you at 1-800-341-7432.

Meet this episode’s expert

In her role as Business Development Director, Amelia helps individuals, families, and professionals identify the next right step in their healing journey whether that is at one of our programs or another facility.

In her thirteen years with Onsite, she has officially served as Finance & HR Director, Admissions Specialist, Director of Admissions, VP of Admissions, VP of Operations, and Interim COO. In her most recent Operations roles, Amelia led a large expansive campus project, including the construction of three new buildings, all while bringing them in on time and under budget!

Amelia’s broad exposure and various roles at Onsite have provided her with a strong perspective and understanding that every role at Onsite is integral to the holistic client experience and the success of the organization.

Mentioned in this episode

Onsite Group Experiential Workshops 

We’re wounded in community, and we heal in community.

Onsite is known and respected worldwide for providing life-changing group workshops that are founded on innovative clinical expertise, safe community, and exceptional healing hospitality. 

Guided by the top clinical minds in the field, our workshops extend the length and depth of healing work in ways not always afforded in other settings. Unlike traditional therapies, our experiential therapeutic framework is blended with other innovative modalities and grounded in the group experience.   

Removed from the distractions of everyday life, our world-class dining and hospitality provide you with the environment you need to fully embrace the process and engage wholeheartedly in the healing you deserve.  


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