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Episode 096: “Living Centered in the Grey”

Featuring Mary Lawless Lee

Most of what we encounter in life isn’t black and white. Instead, we find that much of the best parts of us and life live in the grey. This week’s guest, author and founder of Happily Grey, Mary Lawless Lee, joins Mickenzie and Lindsey for a vulnerable conversation about embracing and living into the everyday wonders that are found in the in-between grey spaces. From living her life on the internet with over 2.5 million followers, building thriving and demanding businesses, walking away from a career in nursing, getting divorced and remarried, and becoming a mom, Mary shares the stories of her life and invites us into a new way of living.  Mary’s new book Happily Grey: Stories, Souvenirs, and Everyday Wonders from the Life In Between  is on sale now!

Meet this episode’s expert

Mary Lawless Lee is the founder of the Happily Grey  brand and Nemah skincare line. Mary is also the author of the upcoming book,  Happily Grey: Stories, Souvenirs, and Everyday Wonders from the Life In Between 
Happily Grey, which launched 12 years ago as a blog and Mary’s creative outlet, has grown into a well-respected brand, a brick and mortar store in Nashville, and now, her literary debut. 

Part memoir, part pathfinder and life guide, Happily Grey provides a sneak peek behind the curated life Mary has shared with her audience of over 2.6 million (almost 1 million on IG). This new book will show a different side of Mary as she shares intimate and raw stories from her personal life.  Happily Grey covers growing up in the South,  Mary’s first career as an ICU nurse, her marriages, her journey to motherhood and much more, all while providing readers with the pearls she’s discovered along the way. From recipes and playlists, to recovering from an eating disorder, the wedding day jitters Mary should have listened to, and everything in between, Happily Grey has many life lessons and experiences that are relatable to readers.

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Happily Grey
Mary Lawless Lee

Open yourself to the thrill of curiosity in every moment. In this gorgeous full-color book, Mary Lawless Lee shares how her childhood in a small Texas town taught her to look deeper, reach farther, and love harder, whether she’s baiting a fishing hook or choosing shoes for a fashion shoot.

Living the Happily Grey life means protecting your time, preserving your energy, and–most of all–loving your people. It means remembering that sometimes less than perfect is exactly enough, and that life is best when we dive deep into the wildness and wonder of this world.


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