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Episode 079: “Living Centered in Sustainable Practices”

Featuring Dr. Jerome Lubbe

This week on the Living Centered Podcast, Mickenzie and Lindsey are diving into the deep end with Functional Neurologist, Dr. Jerome Lubbe. The three discuss the power of practices to rewire the patterns and defaults we operate in to ultimately change how we function and show up in the world for the better. Join us for a fascinating, approachable, and practical conversation!Check out our brand new class – Practice Makes Presence. Use code GROUNDING before 7/31 to get 35% off during launch week!

Meet this episode’s expert

Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe is referred to as the “Patient Doctor” because it was his own quest for neurological well-being that led him to specialize in complex, unresolved neurological cases. His practice explores how functional neurology, neuroplasticity, and tools like the Enneagram can improve holistic well-being. Dr. Jerome created and released the first-ever neuroscience-based model of the Enneagram in his book The Brain-Based Enneagram. He currently resides in Atlanta with his wife Deborah and their three children.

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Practice Makes Presence

Five Tools for Grounding When the World Feels Overwhelming

The truth is, stressful circumstances that can heighten our anxiety, aren’t going away.

And while we can’t always find external stability, we CAN cultivate tools that help us create internal stability.

In Practice Makes Presence, you’ll learn how fostering a deeper relationship with yourself can help you understand why you feel anxious, what you do in response to it, and how you can use grounding tools to manage your anxiety more effectively. In this course, we’ll take a deep dive into five grounding practices that you can implement that will help you cultivate peace and presence in your life.

By the end of this class you will be able to…

  • Recognize anxiety and describe how our focus on the past, present, and future affect it.
  • Identify opportunities and methods for dealing with anxiety, and recognize which methods are healthy and which are unhealthy.
  • Cultivate and practice a set of tools for mindfulness and grounding that help combat the effects of anxiety. Identify the difference between emotions and feelings.


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