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Episode 078: “Living Centered in Friendships”

Featuring Camille Logan, LCMHC

On this week’s episode, Mickenzie and Lindsey sit down with therapist Camille Logan to talk all about friendships. How to build them, how to sustain them, what happens when they shift and change, and why so many of us are feeling awkward in our friendships in this season. Join us for a conversation about building the community you really want!

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Let’s be honest—making friends as an adult can be really hard, not to mention a little awkward.  

Many of us have lots of “friends” but we still feel pretty lonely. If you’ve found yourself wondering if close friendships exist in adulthood, you’re not alone.  

We all want deep, meaningful friendships—ones where we feel seen, known and valued. But how? 

This FREE interactive video series will equip you with a roadmap to build (and sustain) the friendships you desire. GET MY FREE COURSE:

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