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Episode 066: “Living Centered and the Power of Generosity”

Featuring Ben Greene

Generosity changes the way we see the world. Today’s guest, Ben Greene, the Chief Development Officer of the nonprofit charity:water, has dedicated his career to connecting others to the power of generosity and their own ability to affect sustainable change. In his interview with Mickenzie and Lindsey, the three discuss the exponential impact of generosity for ourselves and the people around us. They also explore why it is important as a leader to do your own work, lean into conflict, and elevate all the voices at the table.

Meet this episode’s expert

For nearly 20 years, Ben has brought an invaluable combination of heart and efficiency to the nonprofit sector. He has helped alleviate human suffering while promoting sustainable change at renowned organizations such as World Vision and most recently served as the Chief Development Officer at Food for the Hungry. He is known as an expert fundraiser and leader and has led numerous teams through multi-million dollar campaigns. Ben now dedicates his talents to helping charity: water end the global water crisis. As the Chief Development Officer, he oversees the Key Relationships, Brand Partnerships, and Marketing teams and works closely with our generous supporters. Ben has played a pivotal role in successfully launching several sector-leading charity: water campaigns, including the Bitcoin Water Trust in June 2021 and just recently led the fundraising team for the organization’s first ever $100M+ fiscal year (2021). In the years ahead, Ben is excited to continue building charity: water’s revenue. By using a balanced strategy of innovative initiatives and fundraising best practices, his efforts will move the world closer to the day that everyone has access to clean water.  

Ben and his wife, Melissa, live in Franklin, Tennessee, with their two children, Hutch and Haven, dog – Saint, and cat – Spirit.

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charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries

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