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Episode 060: “Living Centered and Finding Recovery as a Family”

Featuring Leith McHugh

Today’s guest, Leith McHugh, knows all too well how the health of individual family members can impact the entire system. But, she also knows the incredible redemption that can come on the other side of recovery.

Leith joined Mickenzie and Hannah for an authentic conversation about the journey she and her family have been on for the last decade to find healing and reconciliation. On the other side of unthinkable trauma, crisis and chaos, the entire McHugh family is now thriving, but the process there was anything but easy.

Meet this episode’s expert

Leith is a connector, inviter & truth-teller and has been married to one extraordinary husband for 28 years. Her son, Holden, has lived a colorful journey that has allowed Leith to experience God so beautifully in his sober, gay community. Pneumonia took the life of her daughter Hadley in 2011, who lived 12 years without part of her brain. She occasionally eats ramen noodles, (yes, the 17 cent ones full of MSG) with her mini-me, Averi, who brings joy to everyone who encounters her. One of the things that makes Leith want to jump out of bed every day is getting to support women in living a vibrant and abundant life that is in alignment with themselves and leads to positive forward movement.

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