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Bentley Caldwell - trauma and relationships episode
Relationships | 145

145 "Who are we outside of our relationships?" with Bentley Caldwell

When Bentley noticed that his past was greatly impacting his present, he attended Onsite's Healing Trauma Program. Throughout this conversation, he shares his story of transformation and a powerful story of meeting his birth father and renegotiating and reclaiming his title as a son.

Trauma | Podcast

BONUS: Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy with Carlos Martinez, M.Div., MSMHC, LPC, ACS, CET-II

Today, Onsite Lead clinician Carlos Martinez joins Mickenzie for an authentic and informative conversation about the ways unresolved painful past events can lead to unhealthy sexual addictions and coping patterns.

Trauma | 130

“That wasn’t trauma, right?” with Carlos Martinez

Was it trauma? We welcome Onsite’s Lead Clinician, Carlos Martinez, for a conversation all about the “T Word.”

Trauma | Episode 126

Episode 126: “Living Centered and Coming Back to Our Bodies” featuring Connie Lawrence, LISW-S PAT

Explore how embodiment can change our lives.

Trauma | Podcast

Episode 123: “Living Centered in Our Bodies and Minds” featuring María-Victoria Albina, NP, MPH

Mental Health | Podcast

Episode 112: “Living Centered and Healing Our Trauma” featuring Kobe Campbell, LCMHC

Relationships | Podcast

Episode 071: “Living Centered and Anxiously Attached” featuring Jessica Baum, LMHC

Depression | Podcast

Episode 067: “Living Centered Together for Mental Health” featuring the Onsite Team

Trauma | Podcast

Episode 063: “Living Centered Beyond the Death of a Dream” featuring Scott Erickson

Trauma | Podcast

Episode 060: “Living Centered and Finding Recovery as a Family” featuring Leith McHugh

Trauma | Podcast

Episode 055: “Living Centered and Exploring the Polyvagal Theory” featuring Kathleen Murphy, LPC, LMFT

Trauma | Podcast

Episode 037: “Living Centered and Exploring Internal Family Systems Work” Laura Ramey, LMFT

Trauma | Podcast

Episode 035: “Living Centered While Acknowledging Our Painful Past” featuring Dr. Dan Allender and Cathy Loerzel, MA

Trauma | Podcast

BONUS Episode: “Living Centered and Rightsizing Our Wrongs” featuring Carlos Martinez

Trauma | Podcast

Episode 010: “Living Centered in a Politically Divisive Time” featuring Kirsten Powers

Grief | Podcast

Episode 004: “Living Centered When the World Keeps You From Wholeness” featuring Courtney Leak