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Episode 004: “Living Centered When the World Keeps You From Wholeness”

Featuring Courtney Leak

For this episode of the Living Centered Podcast, we are joined by therapist, empowerment speaker, podcaster, Onsite Guide, and wellness extraordinaire Courtney Leak.  

Together, Courtney, Miles, and Lindsey explore ways to show up as our whole selves and lean into real (and sometimes hard) conversations around race and gender. Along the way, the trio discusses what our world is actually in need of right now (hint hint, it starts with us) and how to live centered through it all.  

Courtney’s honesty, passion, and expertise helps shed light on the injustices around us while simultaneously calling us forward to be and do better. 

Meet this episode’s expert

Courtney Leak, LCSW, LISW-CP is a dynamic therapist, wellness curator, and empowerment speaker who utilizes direct honesty wrapped in humor in order to spread the message of living a life that is whole and full of purpose and courage. 

Courtney received her Masters of Social Work from Winthrop University and has over 10 years of experience working in the mental health field as a therapist. She specializes in working with those who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, attachment disorders, relationship complications, and the mental health needs of marginalized populations. 

Courtney is trained in EMDR, Experiential Therapy, and Psychodrama. Courtney currently sits on the board of the International Society for Experiential Professionals (ISEP). She also holds the Certified Experiential Therapist, level 2 credential with ISEP. She has presented at various conferences and symposiums focusing on the journey back to wholeness. 

Through her own experiences and the experiences of the numerous individuals, couples, and families that she has worked with over the years, Courtney has developed insight into the struggles of everyday living and how they are often compounded by the history and patterns of pain that so many people are living with today. 

Courtney’s fundamental belief is that everyone is naturally equipped with what they need to find and meet their purpose, but it is often hidden under fear, hurt, and negative views of ourselves. However, if we are willing to own our story, minus the fear and shame, we can embrace our true selves and live abundantly in our purpose.

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Courtney Leak, LCSW, LISW-CP is a dynamic therapist, wellness curator, and empowerment speaker
Hats Off podcast hosts Courtney Leak, LCSW and Earl Martin, LCSW