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Episode 035: “Living Centered While Acknowledging Our Painful Past”

Featuring Dr. Dan Allender and Cathy Loerzel, MA

Many of us have been told, “Don’t dwell in the past.” But the truth about trauma is that if we don’t acknowledge, name, and honor our past pain, it will negatively impact our emotional, mental, and even physical health. 

On today’s episode of the Living Centered Podcast, Lindsey and Mickenzie sat down with Dr. Dan Allender and Cathy Loerzel, MA, co-founders of the Allender Center in Seattle, to discuss their new book Redeeming Heartache and the power of engaging and examining the painful parts of our stories to find healing and redemption.

Meet this episode’s experts

Dr. Dan Allender
Professor, Author, and Founder of The Allender Center
Dr. Dan Allender has pioneered a unique therapy centered around his innovative theory and training in transforming betrayal, ambivalence, and powerlessness into faith, hope, and love. He is a professor of counseling psychology at The Seattle School and founder of The Allender Center, speaking on trauma, sexual abuse recovery, love and forgiveness, and intimacy. He’s a popular podcaster on The Allender Center Podcast and the author of Health the Wondered Heart, The Wounded Heart, The Healing Path, To Be Told and God Loves Sex.

Cathy Loerzel, MA
Author, Speaker, and Cofounder and executive vice president of The Allender Center
​​Cathy Loerzel, MA, is co-founder and executive vice president of The Allender Center. Cathy has spent the last decade working with Dan Allender to develop Trauma Informed Narrative Theory and is a popular speaker and instructor. She and her husband live in Seattle with their two children, two dogs, and thirteen chickens.

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Dr. Dan Allender
Cathy Loerzel
Redeeming Heartache: How Past Suffering Reveals Our True Calling by Cathy Loerzel and Dr. Dan Allender