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130 “That wasn’t trauma, right?”

with Carlos Martinez, M.Div., MSMHC, LPC, ACS, CET-II

How can you know if what you experienced was, in fact, trauma? Kicking off our new season, we welcome Onsite’s Lead Clinician, Carlos Martinez, for a conversation all about the “T Word.” In this deep and powerful interview, Carlos helps us wade through the impulse we may have to label everything or nothing as trauma. In a compassionate exploration of this topic, he invites us all to reckon with our story and provides practices and tools to help us begin this work,

Meet this episode’s expert

Carlos Martinez, M.Div., MSMHC, LPC, ACS, CET-II, serves as a Lead Clinician at Onsite. He has worked in the helping profession and human-services field for close to 20 years, working as a pastor, chaplain, crisis screener at a hospital, in community mental health care as a therapist, counselor at a drug and alcohol intensive outpatient program, manager for a mental health intensive outpatient program, and an adjunct professor.

At Onsite, he leads participant workshops on topics like trauma, healthy sexuality and relationships, intimacy, and connecting with the self. He also helps curate the experiential programs for Onsite and helps lead and recruit their team of therapists from all over the world.

Mentioned in this episode


In this episode:   

3:54 – Why Carlos thinks we should be talking about our feelings and our trauma.  

9:06 – Carlos’ favorite definition of trauma  

13:27 – The role our nervous system plays  

22:10 – A therapist’s perspective on recovered memories  

26:29 – Why we need someone to validate our experience  

29:35 – How different Onsite experiences approach trauma  

37:33 – Practical tools for trauma recovery  

45:26 – Carlos’ encouragement for you 

Onsite Experiences mentioned in this episode:

Onsite’s Living Centered Program
There’s always room for more — depth, contentment, healing, love, purpose.
Whether you’re feeling stuck or broken, overwhelmed or ready to dig deeper, we can guide you to the more you’re seeking.

Onsite’s Healing Trauma Program
Tired of dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or isolation? Our world-renowned workshop is designed to address the disruptions that can follow trauma and provide you with the tools necessary to reset and recover.

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