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Episode 112: “Living Centered and Healing Our Trauma”

Featuring Kobe Campbell, LCMHC

The body holds far more wisdom than we give it credit for. This week on the podcast, Lindsey and Nicole chat with Kobe Campbell, LCMHC, about grief, trauma, and their manifold impacts on our physical experience. Kobe vulnerably shares her healing journey with us—from a childhood filled with unnamed depression and anxiety that showed up as utter despair when she became a young adult, to the power of her life-altering work with her own therapist and her epiphany that perhaps the entirety of her story was preparing her to become a healer as well. Kobe clearly and plainly addresses our need to return to the painful parts of our pasts to move forward from a place of freedom and holds space for the idea that healing power exists where trauma meets the divine.

Meet this episode’s expert

Kobe Campbell is a Charlotte-based, Ghanaian-American Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC), trauma specialist, writer and speaker. Kobe holds a Masters of Art in Christian Counseling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Named one of Charlotte’s Most Influential Women by Charlotte Lately Magazine and awarded Rising Star Under 30 by WILMA magazine, Kobe is a decorated and highly sought speaker, facilitator, and educator.Kobe is the founder of The Healing Circle Therapy & Wellness Center in Charlotte North Carolina and hosts The Healing Circle Podcast. With a kind, compassionate, and energetic spirit, she helps people discover who they are apart from what they’ve experienced through therapy, support groups, speaking, retreats, organizational trainings and more. When Kobe isn’t teaching and training, she’s spending time with her husband and kids, playing her guitar, writing poetry, or traveling. She looks forward to sharing her expertise with anyone willing to learn and grow.

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Mentioned in this episode

Living Centered Program at Onsite

Life—it can be so overwhelming.  

So often we move through it so swiftly and efficiently that we subconsciously begin to muscle through each day without even blinking. We don’t have time to get that workout in let alone tend to our internal landscapes, so we bypass our trauma, sidestep our emotions, and keep it moving. Our daily actions have become completely disconnected from our purpose, our dreams, and our desires. It was all working…until it wasn’t. The cracks begin to appear. 

The Living Centered Program is our response to this phenomenon—we want to help you quiet the noise and bring you back to center. Living Centered is an invitation home to your true self. 

What is the Living Centered Program? 

The Living Centered Program is a six-day workshop led by expert therapists who will guide you in exploring, deconstructing, and rewriting your narratives. Our beautiful campus and retreat-like setting allows you a break from your daily distractions and provides the clarity needed to re-establish congruence between your feelings, values, and actions so that you might live a more intentional, meaningful, and fulfilling life.  

This world-renowned group experience is specifically designed to meet you right where you are. Our team will help you connect your past and present experiences and work through issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, codependency, loneliness, childhood wounds, family dysfunction, negative relationship patterns, or simply the stresses of daily life. 

Visit us at to see if this program might be a fit for you!


Why Am I Like This?
Kobe Campbell

In Why Am I Like This? seminary-trained, licensed trauma therapist Kobe Campbell helps us understand why it’s so hard to break these patterns as she offers us a deeper understanding of how our past shapes our present. With tender wisdom, rare vulnerability, and profound honesty, Kobe reminds each listener that they’re not alone, empowering them to step into healing with evidence-based, faith-filled coping skills and resources.

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Kobe Campbell
Why Am I Like This? By Kobe Campbell