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Episode 067: “Living Centered Together for Mental Health”

Featuring the Onsite team

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? In honor of this year’s theme, “Together for Mental Health,” Mickenzie invited a few members of the Onsite team to join her for real conversations about mental health. During these conversations, team members shared what they know now that they wish they’d known when they started their journeys, the practices that keep them centered, what they would tell their 16-year-old selves, and more. In this special episode, we round out the conversation with a little encouragement from our team members to you, our listeners!  

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Meet this episode’s expert

Abby Stevenson

Digital Media Specialist

Abby completed her undergraduate schooling at Belmont University, getting her Bachelor’s of Science in Corporate Communications and Business Administrations.

Abby came to Onsite after starting her own freelance business out of college, connecting professionals with undergraduate creatives looking for work opportunities in the graphic design, video production, and social media field.

Andrew Bearden

Programming Director

Andrew Bearden joined the Onsite Programming team with over a decade in event management styled roles in the faith and nonprofit realm, including overseeing Chick-Fil-A logistics and inventory control management.

As a Program Manager, Andrew is an integral part of ensuring the excellence of all in-person experiences on our Tennessee Campus.

Jeremy Hopper

Instructional Designer and Technology Manager

Jeremy serves as the Instructional Design and Technology Manager for the Onsite Marketing and Digital Team. Through his work he creates meaningful experiences that capture attention and expand knowledge bases, enabling new levels of human growth and learning.

Before coming to Onsite, Jeremy served as an Instructional Designer at Arizona State University. During his tenure, he led a team of Instructional Designers and delivered training for University-wide learning management system migration.

As the instructional designer at Onsite, Jeremy is working to create more robust, effective, and impactful learning experiences for digital course offerings. His work is vital in expanding our digital reach and creating opportunities for people to engage with mental and emotional health resources on a larger scale—many of whom may never come to experience Onsite in-person.

JoCarol Cohen

Office Director, Miles Adcox

As the Office Director for Onsite’s Proprietor and Chairman, Miles Adcox, JoCarol Cohen is the magic behind the scenes. Tasked with keeping Miles’ busy and dynamic schedule moving without a hitch, she manages all the details seamlessly. With a lot of passion, operational expertise, and grace, JoCarol daily supports the innovative and pioneering work of Miles and Onsite.

JoCarol has an impressive track record of expertly managing immense details and the interworking lives of several high-profile and public figures. Drawn to the mission and the people, she joined the Onsite team in 2020, bringing incredible experience and expertise.

Tara Booker

Adjunct Therapist

Tara Booker, LCSW serves as an Adjust Therapist for the clients of Milestones. She joins our team with experience from a variety of organizations supporting individuals impacted by trauma and addictions since 2013, including the Next Door and The Ranch.

Tara was drawn to working at Milestones because she enjoys working with individuals partaking in the residential treatment experience. She was excited to join a team of top-notch clinicians who help clients mend deep wounds with trauma-focused and intensive therapies in a group setting.

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