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Episode 063: “Living Centered Beyond the Death of a Dream”

Featuring Scott Erickson

How do we overcome the voices telling us to give up when life doesn’t turn out as expected? In this week’s episode, artist and author Scott Erickson joins Mickenzie to discuss his new book: Say Yes: Discovering the Surprising Life Beyond the Death of a Dream. Together they explore the opportunity and beauty that lies just on the other side of failure, disappointment, disillusionment, and uncertainty.

During the conversation, Scott and Mickenzie talk candidly about suicide. If you or a loved one are struggling with suicide, we hope this conversation is encouraging and equipping. If you need help today, we encourage you to reach out for support. You can find support at or by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255.

Meet this episode’s expert

Scott Erickson is a touring painter, performance artist, and creative curate who mixes autobiography, aesthetics, and comedic narrative to create experiences that speak to our deepest stories. He is the author of Say Yes: Discovering the Surprising Life Beyond the Death of a Dream and Honest Advent, the coauthor of Prayer: Forty Days of Practice and May It Be So, a spiritual director to brave women and men, and a professional dishwasher for his food-blogging wife. Scott lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and three children.

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Mentioned in this episode

Say Yes: Discovering the Surprising Life Beyond the Death of a Dream

Say Yes gives you the mental and spiritual practices you need to enjoy your life again–and bring greater fullness than you could imagine before.

“My life doesn’t look anything like I wanted it to. How do I even keep going?” When the dreams for our life die, our vision of who we hoped to become often dies too. That’s when The Voice of Giving Up appears.

Visual artist and spiritual director Scott Erickson has had long midnight conversations with The Voice of Giving Up, and he knows how anxiety and depression make The Voice especially loud. But he’s discovered that our darkest moments are sometimes doorways to a deeper, more joy-filled journey of recovering who we are, why we’re here, and why the future bursts with possibilities if we are willing to say yes to life’s brightest gifts.


Life has a way of getting the best of us. We spend our days chasing activity, achievements, and accolades, yet somewhere along the way, we forget why we started chasing them in the first place. We begin to function as human doings instead of remembering that we are human beings.

The Living Centered Program, our most popular workshop, is a world-renowned group experience designed to help you bring your life back to center by connecting your current and past circumstances with how they affect you today. 

During this six-day program, our expert therapists guide you in rewriting your narratives and resolving areas of your life that keep you stuck, leading you to take back agency and access the life you actually want to live. 

Relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety, codependency—or just the stresses of daily living—often keep you from the peace and balance you desire. But they don’t have to. 

By removing you from the fast pace and distractions of your day to day, the Living Centered Program will help you re-establish congruence between your feelings, values, and actions. This program is an invitation to explore and ensure the person you want to be is the person you actually are 

The Living Centered Program is now offered at both our Tennessee and California campuses. 


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