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Episode 037: “Living Centered and Exploring Internal Family Systems Work”

Featuring Laura Ramey, LMFT

Many of us carry around the belief that therapy is about “fixing” the parts of ourselves that are broken or wrong. Here at Onsite, we say it’s not fixing what’s wrong with you, but rather about uncovering what is right with you. Today’s guest, Laura Ramey, therapist and Executive Director of Milestones at Onsite, joins Miles and Lindsey to unpack a unique therapeutic modality called Internal Family Systems (IFS). Through curiosity and compassion, this modality creates room to connect with all the parts of ourselves—even the ones that we feel are “broken” or “wrong.” Throughout the episode, Laura shares the practical ways she applies the modality of Internal Family Systems with her clients at Milestones and personally in every area of her life—including parenting, partnership, and leadership.

Meet this episode’s expert

Laura is a therapist who formally served as the Clinical Director at Milestones. She serves the therapeutic community as an Approved Supervisor for licensure-seeking counselors in Tennessee and has is trained in several trauma therapy modalities including Internal Family Systems (IFS), EMDR, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Trauma Sensitive Yoga 

Laura is passionate about connecting people with their stories, and the ever-changing seasons and roles of their lives, while staying connected to their own hearts and needs. Laura’s work has primarily focused on the mind-body connection using Internal Family Systems (IFS) or “parts work” to help clients identify thoughts and beliefs that may be stuck in the body and may also be released as physical symptoms. Even if no physical symptoms are present, this language and awareness can help clients unblend from negative beliefs, trauma, grief, and unwanted habits that may be buried in the subconscious brain and blocking them from centered living.

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