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BONUS: Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy

Today, Onsite Lead clinician Carlos Martinez joins Mickenzie for an authentic and informative conversation about the ways unresolved painful past events can lead to unhealthy sexual addictions and coping patterns.

We hope this conversation sheds light on this sometimes taboo topic and leaves you with resources and encouragement. Carlos provides expertise, empathy, and encouragement, whether you’re struggling, are the partner of someone struggling, or are a mental health professional working in this space. Throughout this conversation, Mickenzie and Carlos also discuss Onsite’s upcoming program for men struggling with sex addiction and problematic sexual behaviors, Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy – March 13-20, hosted on our California campus.

To learn more about this experience, our admissions team would love to connect with you on a confidential call at 1-800-341-7432.

Meet this episode’s expert

Carlos Martinez, M.Div., MSMHC, LPC, ACS, CET-II, serves as a Lead Clinician at Onsite. He has worked in the helping profession and human-services field for close to 20 years, working as a pastor, chaplain, crisis screener at a hospital, in community mental health care as a therapist, counselor at a drug and alcohol intensive outpatient program, manager for a mental health intensive outpatient program, and an adjunct professor.

Before coming to Onsite, Carlos was an assistant director of counseling at Stockton University and an adjunct professor in the arts and humanities department. He also worked as the program manager for a mental health intensive outpatient program in Cape May County, NJ. At Onsite, he leads participant workshops on topics like trauma, healthy sexuality and relationships, intimacy, and connecting with the self. He also helps curate the experiential programs for Onsite and helps lead and recruit their team of therapists from all over the world.

Carlos earned his master of divinity (with biblical languages) from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He earned his master of science in mental health counseling from Walden University and is a licensed professional counselor. He is also an approved clinical supervisor and a level II certified experiential therapist. He has experience working with people in both group and individual settings who have struggled with trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, grief and loss, childhood abuse, incest, and sexual assault.

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Onsite Experiences mentioned in this episode:

Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy

This week-long program offers a unique therapeutic experience for men who are coping with unresolved painful past events through unhealthy sexual addictions and patterns. By creating a safe space for healing, we guide and encourage you to move from a place of shame and isolation into greater intimacy and connection with the self and others.  

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