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Episode 046: “Living Centered in the Messy Middle of Healing”

Featuring Madison Lawn, MSCMHC, CET-II

The middle of any emotional wellness journey is often uncomfortable, messy, and rarely linear. Today’s guest, Onsite Guide and therapist, Madison Lawn says that the messy middle is an essential part of the growth and evolution we all deserve. In this interview with Lindsey and Mickenzie, Madison shares her own story of navigating the tenuous process of growth and how she uses her experience to help her clients show up and honor themselves in their journeys and come out on the other side with more healing, insight, and power.

Meet this episode’s expert

Madison is a group leader at Onsite workshops in addition to running an online private practice out of her home in New Jersey. In the mental healthcare field, she has experience working as a crisis counselor, facilitating groups for grieving children, and providing weekly therapy to students in a university counseling center. Madison has competed in and won the American Counseling Association’s Master’s Level Ethics Competition alongside a team of her peers. Madison’s training includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Experiential Therapy, Psychodrama, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Ecotherapy, and trauma-informed counseling. In her education, Madison has worked on aiding professorial staff in publishing research and a book on the benefits of ecotherapy for both students and clients in the field. 

At Onsite, Madison leads programs focusing on trauma, relationships, grief, codependency, and love addiction, as well as leading individual clients through the intensive process. When she’s not working, Madison loves listening to true crime podcasts, spending time with her cats and her partner, and chronicling her own therapeutic journey through her writing.

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Madison Lawn, MSCMHC, CET-II