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Episode 036: “Living Centered and Rethinking Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity”

Featuring Lisa Yebuah

When it comes to this topic of diversity, many of us grapple with the urge to “do more.” But what if it was less about what we need to do, and more about who we need to become? Today’s guest, Lead Pastor of the Southeast Raleigh Table, Lisa Yebuah, joined us for an authentic conversation about leaning into diversity, equity, and inclusion in our daily lives and the transformational impact of lament and grief.

Meet this episode’s expert

Lisa Yebuah is the Lead Pastor of the Southeast Raleigh Table, a worshiping community near downtown Raleigh. What fuels her life in ministry is seeing people become their best selves, and in turn, seeing the world become a better and more just place. She lives at the intersection of multiple cultural realities and has a keen understanding of how feelings of belonging shape people. Most would describe Lisa as a glutton for joy and a lover of people. She’s a self-professed party-starter, biscuit-eating CrossFitter, and admits to having a slight obsession with 90’s RnB, the enneagram, and The Office.

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