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Episode 024: “Living Centered with Intention”

Featuring Nikia Phoenix

Have you ever felt like your life was running you instead of the other way around? Today’s guest, model, writer, and activist Nikia Phoenix, has an incredible way of living with intention in all areas of her life. This conversation with Miles Adcox sheds light on the ways we can all incorporate a spirit of intentionality into our days and find the peace and groundedness that come from living on purpose with purpose.

Meet this episode’s expert

Nikia Phoenix is a content creator, storyteller, and occasional commercial actress with a passion for social change and conscious living. She is also the founder of Black Girl Beautiful, a loving and safe space that celebrates Black women. After diving deeper into wellness and self-care, Nikia recently became a Reiki master and meditation practitioner. She enjoys traveling to serene locations, documenting her journeys, and occasionally road tripping with her cat.

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Show up for yourself and say yes to you!

We often focus on what we can’t do instead of channeling our energy into what we can do. We say that we can’t meditate because we can’t sit still or get quiet. This challenge is about proving to yourself that meditation is for you. When you practice a little bit a day, a habit becomes a ritual that you can carry with you for a lifetime.


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