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Episode 013: “Living Centered and Reclaiming Ourselves Through Creativity”

Featuring Morgan Harper Nichols

This week on the Living Centered Podcast, Miles and Lindsey welcome bestselling author, artist, and poet Morgan Harper Nichols. During the interview, Morgan tells the inspiring story of how she began creating poems and visual art from strangers’ stories in an effort to foster connection and empathy. (If you’re like us, you’ve likely been inspired on the internet by Morgan’s creativity and the way she invites others to live vulnerably.) Throughout the conversation, Morgan also bravely shares the parts of her own story and identity that she is currently reclaiming as she seeks to live a more centered life. 

With over a million followers on Instagram, Morgan’s unique approach to what she creates resonates with so many people and extends a beautiful invitation for us all to embrace and connect with the beauty and pain within our own stories.

Meet this episode’s expert

Morgan Harper Nichols is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, artist, and poet based in Arizona, USA. She creates artwork inspired by stories. She is the author of “All Along You Were Blooming” and “How Far You Have Come”.

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