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138 “Can I feel joy when life is hard?”

with Elyse Snipes

What if we told you that joy was not what we thought it was? What if our joy wasn’t dependent on our present circumstances, past stories, or future outlook? 

Today, Mickenzie and Hannah chat with therapist Elyse Snipes about the elusive topic of joy. Together, they explore the rebellious act of chasing and reclaiming our joy.   

Meet this episode’s expert

Elyse Snipes is an unconventional therapist, host of Trailercast Podcast, founder of Radical Wellness Collaborative.

She creates spaces and experiences for people to live into their radical goodness.


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Mentioned in this episode

6:31 – What is our inner child?  

13:35 – Integrating our inner child into our present  

19:12 – How embracing joy can be an act of rebellion 

23:37 – The difference between joy and happiness  

27:05 – Embracing joy and finding meaning in difficult times  

34:51 – Why we need to chase joy  

43:07 – Separating our joy from our circumstances  

49:18 – How Elyse chases joy in her everyday roles  

54:55 – Tapping into our internal longings  

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