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134 “Can I set boundaries with my family members?”

with Minaa B.

Why does it feel so hard to set boundaries in our closest relationships? How can we show up as our most authentic selves with our families? What does it look like to accept someone for who they are but also have healthy expectations of those we love? 

Today, we’re diving into these questions and more with Minaa B., licensed social worker, mental health educator, and author of the new book Owning Our Struggles. Join us as Mickenzie, Hannah, and Minaa explore the balance between practicing radical acceptance and setting boundaries with people in our lives and how to regain agency in the areas we need it most.

Meet this episode’s expert

Minaa B. is a licensed social worker, mental health educator, and author of Owning Our Struggles. She is the founder of a mental health consulting practice where she collaborates with organizations to help them develop psychological safety.

Additionally, Minaa runs an advice column called Free Therapy for Cosmopolitan magazine and is also a member of the Mental Health Advisory Committee for Wondermind, a mental fitness company co-founded by Selena Gomez. She is an expert in her field and has been featured in various media outlets, including Red Table Talk, Peace of Mind with Taraji, BBC, Essence and others. Minaa resides in New York City. 

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In this episode:  

3:31 – Minaa’s journey into the mental health field  

7:53 – Why Minaa wrote Owning Our Struggles 

13:23 – How to embrace struggle and overcome adversity  

16:47 – The role of radical acceptance in our relationships  

26:54 – The tension between radical acceptance and setting boundaries   

29:20 – The difference between abuse and a boundary violation  

31:07 – How to identify your personal values in relationships  

36:03 – How radical acceptance makes way for peace with ourselves and others 

42:57 – Why Minaa believes in community care  

46:02 – Maintaining relationships through communication and honesty  

49:09 – Understanding the complexity of familial relationships  

52:29 – The difference between belonging and assimilating  

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