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131 “Can I trust my body?”

with Kara Elise Campbell

Embodiment has become a bit of a buzzword in our current culture moment. Everywhere we turn, we hear people talking about it, but what does it mean to trust and be in a relationship with our bodies? 

Today, Mickenzie and Lindsey sit down with embodiment coach Kara Elise Campbell to explore what it means to live embodied. Kara shares how she began this work and how she now helps people find safety, connection, trust, and belonging within themselves.   

Meet this episode’s expert

Kara Elise Campbell is a personal development and business coach who specializes in embodiment work. She empowers women to restore their relationship with self and deeply connect to their intuition so they can create meaningful and integrated work in the world. Kara helps women re-tether to a sense of deep self-trust. She guides women back home to their bodies and helps them get clear on what they want so they can create the space to invite it in. A former celebrity chef turned coach, Kara helps women connect to their bodies so they can live full and abundant lives. Her high-touch personalized approach empowers women to reclaim their lives and step into wild success. Kara co-created The Embodiment Deck in 2020, which can be found online or at various stores throughout six countries. 

Embodiment Deck 

Simple and beautiful tools to support you on your embodiment journey – back home to the body.  

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Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:  

3:13 – How Kara defines embodiment 

4:56 – Kara’s embodiment journey and history with disordered eating  

9:54 – The process of reconnecting with our bodies  

12:52 – How mental health and embodiment interconnect  

15:45 – Practical resources and exercises to explore embodiment 

23:57 – Kara’s Onsite experience  

27:46 – Trusting our intuition 

34:49 – How becoming a parent impacted Kara’s understanding of embodiment  

42:39 – Kara’s daily embodiment practice  

44:19 – Kara’s encouragement for you   

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