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Episode 094: “Living Centered in Season of Waiting”

Featuring Barbara Hill, MA., LPS-MHSP

This week we sit down with therapist, Onsite Guide, and author of the new book Seasons of Waiting, Barb Hill. She joins Hannah and Mickenzie for a conversation all about waiting. Let’s be honest, none of us like waiting, but in this interview, Barb offers a beautiful reframe for seasons of longing and transition and provides an invitation to deeper discovery and connection with ourselves and others.

Meet this episode’s expert

Barb Hill is a writer and Licensed Mental Health Therapist who is passionate about supporting others in both their navigation of faith and mental health. In 2019, Barb founded Holding Space Counseling, a thriving group practice in Franklin, TN where she works as a trauma therapist as well as oversees and supervises other therapists in their clinical work. Barb calls Tennessee home, and lives in Nashville with her pup Nash.

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Mentioned in this episode

Seasons of Waiting

Barb Hill

In this weekly devotional, licensed therapist and fellow “waiter” Barb Hill comes alongside you as a compassionate guide to validate the disorienting experience of waiting. As you journey through each season together, something transformative happens–-you begin to see God, yourself, and your waiting differently.

The Ways We Grieve

Understanding the Emotional and Biological Process that Binds Us All

Naming grief is hard. But not naming it doesn’t make it go away. Onsite’s emotional health master class “The Ways We Grieve” will help you better understand grief and the path towards healing. Check out this resource at and use the code PODCAST for 15% off!


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Barbara Hill, MA., LPS-MHSP