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Episode 053: “Living Centered in Pain and Suffering”

Featuring Caroline Bravo, LPC-MHSP

No one escapes adversity. All our stories are lined with moments of pain and suffering—and for many of us, these moments can be complicated, overwhelming, and challenging to navigate.

Onsite Guide and Therapist Caroline Bravo joins Mickenzie and Hannah for a thoughtful conversation that might prompt you to rethink how you engage with suffering. Through her professional work as a therapist and her personal practice of Buddhism, Caroline offers a unique perspective on ways pain, grief, and compassion help us heal.

Meet this episode’s expert

Caroline Bravo, LPC-MHSP, is a therapist, wife, friend, and enneagram 7. She is a licensed professional counselor and has a private practice in East Nashville. As often as she gets the chance, she works as an adjunct therapist at Onsite doing intensive work with both individuals and couples. She enjoys working with clients who are open to exploring family of origin wounds, as well as clients who experience shame or anxious styles of attachment. Her primary modality is experiential therapy, but she loves any client who is open to incorporating mindfulness into their system!

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