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Trust the (Admissions) Process

Finding the Right Onsite Experience For You

Our team has a heart for helping people. A key part of the work we do is ensuring that every person who connects with Onsite finds the next step in their healing journey. Ask any member of Onsite’s Admissions, Business Development, and Clinical team what their number one goal is and you’ll get the same answer: “We want to meet people where they are and help them find the right experience for their unique needs at the right time.” 

Here’s a glimpse into the passion and purpose behind our trusted process.

1) Inquiry

Every journey starts with someone raising their hand. Whether through an alumnus, a therapist, member of our team, a search engine, or a myriad of other places, people find Onsite and take the first steps of learning more about our various in-person experiences through our online form or call to our Admissions team.

That first touchpoint gathers initial information that will inform us if we could be the next right step. Onsite doesn’t offer crisis intervention or drug or alcohol detox, so often our offerings are often not the first step, but rather a step in people’s emotional wellness journeys.

2) Admission Coordination

As a part of creating a comprehensive care plan for an individual’s healing journey, a member of our Admissions team follows up with every inquiry call or form submitted with the intention of learning more about a potential client. Their goals are to coordinate the care of each individual, helping them convert their pain points into emotional health goals. They spend time connecting about a client’s unique needs and determine which Onsite program or external offering might be the most impactful at this juncture. If Onsite is not the next right step for someone, our team is happy to equip and connect individuals with resources that may serve them in their current season.

3) Intake Form

All of our in-person and online intensive participants start their healing work with Onsite by completing the intake form. While the depth and quantity of questions can feel daunting, this questionnaire serves as a warm-up to the therapeutic process. These questions invite clients to begin the courageous process of engaging and exploring their story with themselves and the Onsite team. It’s an essential and preliminary step in the therapeutic work that continues when they meet with a therapist, or an Onsite Guide as we like to call them, during their program.

This paperwork provides a fuller picture of each client’s past, present, and goals for the future to ensure that the program they are hoping to take part in is the best fit for them.

4) Clinical Assessment

Once a client completes the intake paperwork, it’s reviewed by our team of licensed clinical professionals who are committed to find the best next step for every client. This is done through previously submitted documents or a phone call with a Clinical Coordinator. Our team spends thorough and intentional time getting to know each client’s background, professional and personal support networks, goals, and current season of life. Often, one of our Clinical Coordinators will reach out for clarity or discussion around your needs and desires. They want to assess that you’re in a place to enter into the therapeutic work ahead. Their job is to determine that the Onsite program you’ve applied to is the right program at the right time.

In the small number of cases where a client’s needs don’t align with a particular offering, they work with the client to build an alternative plan. We have found that both the right intervention at the wrong time or the wrong intervention at the right time can be harmful.

Our team is committed to finding the right resource or program for your unique situation, life season, and needs. It can be daunting to start the journey, but we’re here for you every step of the way.

We are passionate about making emotional wellness accessible, affordable, and approachable. If you want to explore if Onsite could be a part of your comprehensive, holistic healing journey, we invite you to take the first step. Emotional wellness is not something you need; it’s something we all deserve.