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Which Onsite experience is right for your relationship?

How to determine which resource is right for you, in good times and in bad

Our relationships ebb and flow throughout our lives. If you are in a committed, long-term relationship with another person, at some point in your life, you will face adversity together—big and small. It’s normal to encounter conflict or reach a point where you desire a deeper level of connection with one another.

Unfortunately, many of us carry around the belief that seeking therapeutic support for yourself or your partnership is a negative sign in your relationship. At Onsite, we often remind people that choosing to do this type of work is not a sign of what’s wrong with you but rather what’s right with you! Choosing to invest in your relationship is a sign of health, growth, and connectedness.

Yet, finding the right resources can be challenging.

Whether you are seeking to strengthen and optimize your partnership, facing a difficult season in your relationship, or determining whether you and your partner want to stay together, knowing where to turn can feel overwhelming.

Perhaps you’ve wondered, “Should I do individual therapy, or should we do couples therapy?” We get it. It is overwhelming to explore all the options and determine the best path. Both individual and couples therapy offers valuable insights into you and your relationship, and depending on your individual and collective goals and needs, you may choose one or the other or a mix of both.

At Onsite, we have curated several experiences designed to help you foster a more meaningful connection with your partner and yourself.

In the article below, we’re diving into some of the key differentiators of our offerings to help you determine the right resource for you and your partner in this season of your relationship.

As always, our warm and welcoming Admissions Team would love to connect with you to help guide you in your choice and offer insight and care into which experience might be best for you.

Healing together: Experiences for couples at Onsite

Life has a way of getting in the way of our relationships. We get caught up with the details of life that we miss the person we’re living our lives with.

Onsite’s experiences for couples curate the time and space you deserve to step back together. We’ll handle everything so you can focus on each other. Deepen your connection in our restful and revitalizing environment while building foundations that will last.

Our skilled professionals create a safe, open space for communication and experiential couples therapy, addressing the roots of conflict and helping you cultivate tools for greater connection and health.


Coupleship, a 4-day group workshop for couples, will help you restore connection, learn to navigate challenges, and lay the foundation for a collaborative and caring future. Our incredible clinicians create a brave space to build empathy and understanding, untangle destructive patterns, and unearth what’s getting in the way.

The group provides a safe container to experience the power of having others serve as a reflection, witness, and empathetic source of accountability.

Coupleship might be right for you if:
  • You want to revitalize your partnership
  • You want to uncover the patterns that have gotten you and your partner to this place
  • You’re an Onsite alum who wants to experience the power of group work with your partner
  • You want to strengthen and optimize your relationship
  • You want to rekindle a bit of “lost spark”
  • You want to strengthen your communications and conflict strategies and build trust
  • You’re currently in couples therapy and want to accelerate your progress

Couples’ Intensive

Onsite Intensives are best for those seeking a concentrated space for healing and breakthrough. An individualized, deep dive into the patterns and intricacies of your relationship with a trusted guide will help you navigate challenges, heal past wounds, and build a stronger foundation for a fulfilling and harmonious partnership.

You’re stronger together. Using a diverse range of transformational modalities, intensives offer the opportunity to stay in an extended space of healing and exploration not always afforded in weekly therapeutic sessions. 

In this program, couples can look deep within their relationship to explore, identify, and move beyond underlying patterns of conflict, unresolved problems, and walls of fear and defensiveness.

A Couples’ Intensive might be right for you if:
  • You want to address a specific issue in your partnership
  • You desire a deep dive into a particular struggle or pattern in your partnership
  • You’ve hit a block in your weekly couples therapy sessions
  • You need help clarifying underlying issues and choices  
  • You want help navigating change or conflict  
  • You are trying to determine the future of your relationship
  • You have decided to uncouple and want to build a healthy path forward

Your path to healing: Individual experiences to support you in your partnership

Couples often want to address “the thing” between them and their partners. But usually, it’s not about “the thing” but rather what lies below the issue in our individual and collective stories.

The best thing you can bring to any relationship is a whole and healthy you.

At Onsite, we have discovered that when one person gets healthy, it profoundly impacts the overall health of their relationships.

Doing your own emotional and mental health work is one of the most important things you and your partner can bring to your relationship.

Often, when someone reaches out to learn more about our couples’ offerings, upon hearing the unique goals and needs, our admissions team may recommend that partners pursue individual healing work before returning for couple work. We’ve found that when both partners take the time and space to connect with themselves, they can enter work together with greater clarity and a shared language.


Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy

When a partner is coping with unresolved painful past events through unhealthy sexual addictions and patterns, our Admissions team will often encourage them to attend our Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy Program.

This week-long therapeutic experience for men creates a safe space for healing. We guide and encourage you to move from a place of shame and isolation into greater intimacy and connection with self and others. 

Our team of therapists provides knowledgeable guidance to help you unravel the issues that are getting in the way of the connection you desire with yourself and your partners.

Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy might be right for you if:
  • You’re a male coping with unhealthy sexual addiction and patterns
  • Your partner is being negatively impacted by behaviors and attachments
  • You want to unravel the root of destructive behavior and gain the tools you need to find sustained health
  • Your partnership has experienced the adverse effects of infidelity or a breach of trust
  • You want to heal in the presence of people who understand without judgment

When one partner attends the Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy Program, our team may encourage the other to participate in the Healing Trauma Program. Both provide a space for healing that is a great precursor to a couple’s experience.

It is common for the partner of someone coping with trauma through unhealthy sexual addiction and patterns to experience what is often called betrayal trauma. They experience the painful effects of a breach of trust or agreed-upon commitments within their partnership.

Healing Trauma Program

Sometimes the pain of past can keep us stuck, unable to flourish in our present and future. This world-renowned workshop is designed to address the disruptions that can follow all types of trauma and provide you with the tools necessary to reset and recover.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. In order to move forward in emotional health, we have to process the pain of our past. Our team of experts guide you to hope and healing.

Healing Trauma might be right for you if:  
  • You’ve experienced the pain that comes with betrayal in a partnership
  • You find yourself doing things to numb or distract you from your feelings
  • You can’t find the forgiveness you need to move forward
  • You’re feeling the wear and tear of your mental state on your body
  • You feel unsure how to move forward
  • You are noticing circular thought patterns around your past trauma

Healthy Love and Relationships

We repeat what we don’t repair. Many of the unproductive and painful cycles that play out in our partnerships are informed by something in our past. Our team of experts will provide you with the guidance you need to explore what’s behind unhealthy patterns and destructive behavior.

Break-up with destructive patterns and learn how to give (and accept) the meaningful affection we all deserve.

We’ll tackle the tough stuff, explore how our attachment wounds and subsequent styles play out in our relationships, support your healing, and set you on the path to authentic connections that will light your path forward.

Healthy Love and Relationships might be right for you if:  
  • You are guarded and self-protective in your most important relationships
  • You feel lonely even in your closest relationships  
  • You’re repeating and recreating unhealthy patterns from your childhood 
  • You don’t know how to set healthy boundaries  
  • You feel like you keep your partner at an arm’s length
  • You desire connection, but all your relationships keep ending in the same way

Living Centered Program

As Onsite’s flagship program, the Living Centered Program is an incredible precursor or complement to couple’s work. This renowned workshop curates an environment in which you can get reacquainted with YOU.

Often, in our relationships, we lose a bit of ourselves. We become defined by the roles we play in other people’s lives. Give yourself room to be you. Step away from your routine and dive into a journey of self-love and self-discovery.

This six-day workshop will provide you and your partner with greater self-connection and, in turn, a shared language to dive into more productive and grounding work together.

Living Centered might be right for you if:  
  • You want to discover who you are outside your relationships
  • You want more self-awareness to help unlock unrealized potential
  • Life’s constant transitions have got the best of you
  • You feel like you’re losing control and life is happening to you
  • You feel disconnected from yourself and the people closest to you
  • No amount of breaks ever seems to help you feel less burnt out

RELATED: Many of our alums have credited their individual work in the Living Centered Program with greater intimacy and connection within their partnerships. Hear from Onsite Alums Chrissy and Sam Powers about the impact of their individual healing experiences.

No matter what you are facing, we know that healing is possible. Our mission at Onsite is to design and deliver transformational experiences that optimize life and build meaning and value into the human experience.

We believe relationships are integral to our emotional, mental, and physical health. We invite you to contact our Admissions team. Our team of experts can discuss your unique situation and connect you with the right resource for you and your partner.

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