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How to Pick the Right Emotional Fitness Plan for You

Your Guide to Better Emotional Health

Have you ever participated in a long-distance race? Maybe you ran a 5K charity run, completed a marathon, or participated in an Iron Man triathlon.   

When deciding upon your race, you likely didn’t just pick randomly from a list of options. You probably researched with purpose and took into account a few factors. How long would you have to train? What were your goals? How would this choice impact your life? Pursuing any new goal starts with assessing your intention, experience, and lifestyle.   

After you decided what option was best for you, you likely didn’t wake up the morning of the race and just run, right? Of course not. There was probably a lot of planning, discipline, and intentionality that led to your arrival at the starting line.   

Before this experience, you likely had preconceived ideas about what this process would look like based on what you saw in media or what you heard from friends. Yet somewhere along the way, you discovered that not all plans, races, and runners are the same. In reality, physical fitness regimens are not one size fits all, and the same goes for our emotional fitness. 


At Onsite, we believe that your “emotional fitness” is not that different than your physical fitness. If you desire to be more “emotionally healthy”, yet never define what that means for you or start to put those steps into action, you won’t see the results.  

If you want to get into better “emotional shape” today, we’re here to help you define and achieve your goal!   

 It’s time to prep for the starting line.   

Just like a personal trainer can help you establish healthy physical lifestyles and patterns, Onsite’s new digital offerings can help you maintain healthy emotional fitness. You just need to find the plan that is right for you and the life you desire.  


How you pursue wellness—whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually—will be determined by the intentions behind your goal. What is the why behind your pursuit?   

Are you burnt-out, overwhelmed, and exhausted from the daily grind of life? Do you need help establishing (or reestablishing) healthy habits in your life? Are you feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward? Do you desire to have more connected and vibrant relationships? Do you want clarity of how you got here and how to get the life you actually desire?  


Are you an avid runner or new to the game? Have you started running plans in the past but never been able to see them through?  

Your experience and history will always inform your unique path forward.  

Whether you’re new to emotional health, have been doing your own work for years, or somewhere in between—drawing on your experience can help you determine the right route for you!  


Do you have space in your schedule and life to train for a marathon, or would your current season be more suited for a 5K?   

There is no right or wrong when it comes to our goals, but taking a realistic inventory of your lifestyle and availability will set you up for success.  

So, are you ready to start training?   

Let’s apply the above framework to find out which plan is right for you! 

30 Days of Living Centered 


30 Days of Living Centered will help you establish the daily practices and rhythms you need to go from surviving to thriving. By diving into topics like gratitude, grace for others, compassion, boundaries, and purpose, you will begin to establish life-changing habits and patterns that will enhance your overall well-being.  


This self-paced course is perfect for both the novice and the expert when it comes to self-awareness and emotional wellness. Whether you’re looking to start exploring emotional wellness or you could use a tune-up, 30 Days of Living Centered brings the structure and support needed to continue on your emotional health journey.  


30 Days of Living Centered offers a quick bite-sized video, reflection and practice each day. It can be taken in 30 days or intentionally spread out to accommodate your life. These practical applications and reflections will help you establish life-changing habits and patterns. Led by a team of world-renowned emotional health experts, this course provides an avenue for those looking to enrich their emotional and mental well-being from the comfort of their own home.  

This course might be the right fit for you if: 

  • You are curious about mental and emotional health 
  • You want to establish new habits and rhythms 
  • You are looking for an emotional “tune-up” 
  • You desire to feel more grounded, despite your life circumstances 


Save $50 when you use the code COURSES 


Rediscovering You 


Looking for direction in your emotional fitness journey? Rediscovering You provides a practical roadmap that will help you break the cycles that keep you stuck and move forward with a renewed sense of clarity, freedom, and direction.   


If you’re ready to dive a little deeper, this six-week course is the right fit for you. This course is not a replacement for therapy but serves as a great addition to any emotional wellness work you have done or are currently doing. The six-week structure allows the space and time needed to dig a little deeper while being supported by a community of like-minded individuals. By exploring your past, present, and future, you will begin to remove the roadblocks and start to build the life you have always desired.  


Each week of this six-week journey includes four long-form videos unpacking concepts that will aid you in your journey through your past, present, and future. These videos will equip you with the education and creative application you need to peel back the layers and see how these concepts show up in your own life. You’ll finish each week in your workbook applying these themes to your everyday journey. Additionally, Rediscovering You provides a community of like-minded individuals through chats, forums, and bi-weekly live webinars. 

This course might be the right fit for you if: 

  • You feel stuck or overwhelmed 
  • You want to understand how your past might be affecting your present and your future circumstances 
  • You want to get clarity on where you want to go and how to get there 
  • You want to feel more connected to your self, others, and the world around you 
  • You are ready to dig a little deeper into your emotional and mental wellness 


Our next cohort begins, Monday, March 1st. Sign up by February 28th and save $100 when you use the code YOU