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Three New Year’s Reconciliations

Because resolutions aren’t cutting it anymore

We don’t have to look far to be inundated with reminders of the new year.

It seems like every scroll through our social media feed, commercial in between our favorite show, and billboard we drive past reminds us that the new year means it’s time for a new you! (A polished, less wrinkly you that works out five times a week, bakes their own bread, and crushes it with their side hustle!)

While working on ourselves and prioritizing our goals can be healthy, this approach to the new year often leaves us striving and hustling for our worth. Not to mention that 43% of people quit their resolutions by the end of January—leaving us feeling like a failure. What if we approached the new year a little differently this year? What if instead of setting resolutions that required us to reinvent ourselves, we pursued reconciliations that brought us closer to the peace and purpose we deserve?

Resolutions often ask us to reimagine our external life, but reconciliations invite us to turn inward and align our internal world with what matters most.

Join us to explore three New Year’s reconciliations that will leave you grounded in who you are instead of hustling for who you think you should be.