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Why Your “Silly Little Mental Health Walk” Isn’t So Silly

Demystifying 10 Common Mental Health Clichés

We’ve all heard countless cliches and adages about our health and well-being.

“Never go to bed angry.” “Just breathe.” “Out of sight, out of mind!” And we know we’re not the only ones who partake in “Silly little mental health walks.” But have you ever wondered if there was any science behind the catchy expressions we’ve all become accustomed to?

Join us for a conversation as we demystify 10 common mental health cliches. Together, we’ll dive into the research behind these cliches to determine which ones to heed, which ones to steer clear of, and which to approach with caution.

Hosted by Onsite clinicians Ryan Bloch-Snodgrass and Hannah Reed, we hope you’ll walk away from this webinar with clarity and confidence as you incorporate strategies to boost your health and happiness.