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6 Onsite Experiences to Improve Your Mental Health in 2023

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Americans believe that we are collectively experiencing a “Mental Health Crisis” in our country? (CNN/The Kaiser Family Foundation). 

For many of us, this stat confirms what we already know. We don’t have to look far to see, feel, and experience the effects of isolation, disconnection, and loneliness being reported at record rates. Our communities, workplaces, homes, and beyond are impacted, and Onsite is committed to helping curate experiences that meet the growing demand.  

While we will continue to meet people in their crisis, Onsite also believes that our mental and emotional health doesn’t have to reach a point of desperation before we create the space to care for ourselves. We are on a mission to design and deliver transformational experiences that optimize life and build meaning and value into the human experience.  

With a vision to help create an emotionally well world and reconnect humanity, we want to meet you exactly where you are in 2023.  

As you set our intentions for the year ahead, we want to urge you to consider how Onsite might come alongside you in your journey toward wellness.  

6 Ways to connect with Onsite in 2023


Utilizing the same proven framework that has guided our world-renowned workshops and intensives for decades, our digital resources provide an accessible, affordable, and approachable path to the emotional wellness you deserve.  

These resources are designed to meet you where you are. Taken from the comfort of your own space, you’ll find courses to help you create sustainable rhythms, harness emotionally smart leadership in your workplace, and build the future you want to live.  

Join one of our emotional health masterclasses for deep and experiential learning on topics ranging from trauma, community, grief, emotions, anxiety, shame, and more!  

Explore our entire digital catalogue.  

Workshops and Intensives

Onsite is known and respected worldwide for providing life-changing group workshops and intensives that are founded on innovative clinical expertise, safe community, and exceptional healing hospitality.  

Guided by the top clinical minds in the field, our workshops extend the length and depth of healing work in ways not always afforded in other, traditional therapeutic settings.  

Removed from the distractions of everyday life, our world-class dining and hospitality provide you with the environment you need to fully embrace the process and engage wholeheartedly in the healing you deserve.   

Explore Onsite’s Group Experiential Workshop Experiences  

Explore Onsites’s Intensive Experience  


Imagine Onsite’s world-renowned experience in the wild. 

Immerse yourself in some of the most breathtaking destinations on the planet. From a mountaintop meadow in Montana or a beautiful Rocky Mountain Colorado dude ranch to premier private fly-fishing streams, Onsite Adventures offer a unique therapeutic experience. 

These experiences are designed to cultivate resilience, vulnerability, empathy, and courage. Our highly sought-after adventure programs help people reach emotional freedom by utilizing an environment that stimulates the mind, body, and spirit. Research shows the profound impact nature has on our brains and supports the necessity of disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with oneself in a remote and natural setting. 

Explore Onsite Adventures  


When life is too much, Milestones offers a refuge and place of healing. 

Milestones is a one-of-a-kind holistic experience specializing in residential trauma treatment. Clients find time to focus completely on their healing and restoration on our beautiful 250-acre campus that is world-renowned for its healing hospitality. 

Assembling one of the best trauma teams in the country, this unique and transformative model is designed to serve individuals adversely affected by symptoms of unaddressed trauma, including anxiety, depression, codependency, process addiction and attachments, and PTSD. Our innovative experience and integrative program offers a variable-length of stay from 30 to 90 days specific to individual needs. Every aspect of the experience is grounded in cutting edge trauma-informed care and catered to meet the needs of our guests. From groundbreaking modalities to beautiful accommodations and expert care, there is no place like Milestones. 

Learn more about trauma and the work at Milestones with Onsite’s Limited Series Podcast: Treating Trauma. 


Studies show that those in the creative industry are 3x more likely to face mental health challenges than the general population.  

Our newest division provides an extension of our world-class emotional wellness framework for those experiencing life in public-facing professions. Onsite Entertainment provides customized, concierge care to help you reach your fullest potential. 

For years, Onsite has been a trusted resource for artists and those in the entertainment industry. We have long supported the emotional health needs of public-facing professionals with our workshops, intensives, and residential trauma program.  

Through these new offerings, we bring Onsite’s clinical team and proven healing framework to meet you wherever you are—whether at one of our boutique retreat centers, virtually, in your home, or on the road.  

Business Services

Want to integrate emotional wellness into your workplace? Our new Business Services division can help you optimize your leadership, your team, and your business outcomes. Our business services team led by Janet McDonald can support your organization with customized workshops, keynotes, consulting, and coaching.

To learn more, contact

If you’ve been contemplating an Onsite Experience for a while, make 2023 the year you seek out the wellness you deserve.  

If you’re not sure where to look for the next right step on your healing journey, our Admissions and Business Development team would love to connect with you at 1-800-341-7432.